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2020 Ankle Holster Buyer’s Guide



Ankle holsters are becoming exceedingly popular among gun enthusiasts, civilians and even law enforcement for their concealed carry, especially for their secondary firearms. 

This is because aside from making it completely not obvious that one is carrying, ankle holsters remove any weight from a person’s torso with any other type of gun holster, and instead shift it to a person’s leg, which is where some of the strongest muscles are in the human body. 

Ankle Holsters also make it much more comfortable to sit down that most other types of holsters. This is great for those working in an office or who sit down for long periods of time. At the same time, it is much easier to draw from the ankle when sitting down, something that could prove extremely useful in certain situations. 

Are Ankle Holsters Good For Daily Carry?

Yes. Absolutely yes. In fact, ankle holsters are one of the best options for daily carry because of how easy they are to conceal. Made for sub-compact handguns, which are by far the most commonly used guns for everyday concealed carry, ankle holsters are ideal for everyday carry.

Why An Ankle Holster Over Other Holsters?

Ankle holsters are the easiest of all types of gun holsters to conceal a pistol, as long as you don’t have any reservations about wearing long pants or jeans. The trick to concealed carry is to cover one’s firearm as completely as possible. 

Aside from providing an easy way to conceal your pistol, ankle holsters don’t need to be adjusted (unlike tuck-able holsters or OWB holsters) every time you run, sit, squat, jump or just bend over. This fact alone makes an ankle holster perfect for everyday carry. 

Ankle holsters also don’t promote any sort of printing when being worn, namely because one wears long trousers or jeans with their ankle holster. Point of note, you might not want to wear and jeans or pants that are fitted and don’t have any excess space around the bottom of the leg. This would defeat the purpose of not having your gun imprint into your pant leg. 

If all that is still not enough, consider an ankle holster at least for your secondary pistol. It never hurts to carry a backup pistol along with your primary firearm. 

Different Types of Ankle Holsters

There are a few different types of ankle holsters available on the market. Each type has its pros and cons, but what type to choose mainly depends on the individual and what feels most comfortable to himself or herself. 

Ankle Wrap As its name suggests, ankle wrap ankle holsters simply wrap around the ankle with the holster part attached to one side. This is the most common type of ankle holster, however, lower quality products and designs will allow your firearm to move and shift throughout the day. The especially bad qualities ones will detach themselves from your leg which could cause a terrible accident.

Calf Straps These types of ankle holsters not only wrap around one’s ankle but also have a wrap or band that goes around the calf to ensure that itself and your firearm stays in place throughout the day. The only downside to this type of ankle holster is that the strap around your calf could take some getting used to, and if you get one of lesser quality, the strap could rub and chafe against, well, the calf. 

Calf straps can increase comfort though as well. This is due to how a calf strap is able to redistribute the weight of the gun over a larger surface so the ankle doesn’t bear it all on its own.

What To Look For In A Good Ankle Holster

Before buying any holster for your gun, you want to make sure you know your gun will fit. But along with that, there are two important factors to consider when buying an ankle holster: materials and retention. 


Like most other types of gun holsters on the market, ankle holsters are mainly made from either Kydex, nylon or leather. Kydex and nylon will be the cheaper options but may require repurchasing at some point, while leather should last a lifetime with proper care. 

Ankle holsters made of leather, while being able to stand the test of time, are also the best option for the most comfort as the leather won’t be abrasive against one’s skin as Kydex and nylon can tend to be. The downside, however, is that leather options for ankle holsters can cause sweat to build up after a time.

Another advantage of leather is that leather ankle holsters often come with a highly resistant finish that protects it from water and will not scratch your gun. Leather holsters will also usually fit your pistol like a glove. 

Nylon made ankle holsters are usually made with reinforced stitching that protects both you and your gun against shocks and will increase the durability of the holster. And, while most nylon (and Kydex) ankle holsters are comfortable to wear, sometimes they will have rough edges that can dig into the skin a bit. 


A great attribute to look out for when purchasing an ankle holster is its retention. Does it comes with a retention strap, or if it does not, does your gun fit into the holster snug like a glove? While a retention strap may decrease the overall draw time of the weapon, it will also make sure your firearm safely stays within its holster at all times, no matter what kind of activities you may be doing, be it running a marathon or climbing Mount Everest. 

Drawing From an Ankle Holster

Drawing from an ankle holster can, and will take a bit of practice as doing so normally requires one to be sitting or kneeling in order to draw most effectively. However, the draw can still be done with a leg raise or from a supine position. However, with a good deal of practice, and you should always practice your draw with a firearm (in a safe environment), drawing from any of these positions can be quickly and effectively.

Best Ankle Holsters in 2019

Enough brain overload. Time to get to the top picks for 2019’s best ankle holsters.

Concealed Carrier Ankle Holster

Great for both new users and the old guard, this ankle holster is made from high-quality neoprene and fits well for most people and for most pistols. It also comes with an extra magazine or knife compartment which is always handy to have. One user has even reported sticking a small flashlight in the compartment instead, which is another useful thing to have, especially if camping or exploring a cave.

Thick foam is used in its construction that helps prevent rubbing and chafing and the surgical grade neoprene comes with air holes to allow your leg to be ventilated and not get overly sweaty.


  • Fits most pistols really well

  • Straps on to provide a snug fit

  • Extremely durable

  • Extra magazine/utility pouch

  • Comfortable


  • Velcro strap may lose effectiveness over time

Galco Cop Ankle Band

The Galco Cop Ankle Band Ankle holster features a high-grade elastic band that is padded and suede-lined behind the area of the holster with a velcro closure offering a great amount of comfort and security knowing that it will stay attached to your ankle. Along with this, it also offers an adjustable velcro safety strap with a thumb break release for automatic weapons and a conventional release for a revolver. 

If it wasn’t apparent, this ankle holster is designed with law enforcement in mind and is also great for tactical users; persons who may frequently delve into high-stress situations. To go along with this, this ankle holster comes with a 13” band, wide enough for boots with the option of a boot extender for persons with larger legs. 

This ankle holster comes in both left and right-handed models and is made for semiautomatic pistols and double-action revolvers. 


  • Excellent durability

  • Great comfort

  • Perfect for self-defence or tactical situations

  • Boot extender for larger legs

  • Left and right-handed models


  • Holster may slide without calf strap 

  • Strap size may not be big enough for some people

Creatrill Neoprene Ankle Holster

If you’re looking for an ankle holster made out of synthetic materials, this is the holster for you! It is made out of both high-grade neoprene and nylon and is known for its level of comfort and doing the job it was designed for well. 

Made for handguns with small to medium-sized barrels, it’s not well suited for full-sized or heavy handguns. It has a unique universal fit for both left and right-handed drawers and comes with a whopping 19 inch strapping to accommodate boots and larger legs. 

It comes with added plush padding between the ankle and the holster to give its wearer more comfort, though because it has no ventilation holes, the accumulation of sweat may cause it to get smelly. Good thing it’s machine washable! 

This ankle holster also comes with space for an extra magazine clip or other sorts of small utility item, though this will make the holster a bit bulkier. The added assurance of not running out of ammo more than makes up for the extra bulkiness. 


  • Unique universal fit for both left and right-handers

  • Known for its comfort

  • Space for an extra magazine

  • Super affordable

  • Long strapping

  • Machine washable


  • Will need to go through the washing machine after multiple uses

  • Magazine compartment can make it bulkier

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