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Best Between the Studs Gun Safe



So you’ve considered a large gun safe, you’ve considered a concealed and hidden gun case and you’ve also looked into a nightstand gun safe, but you don’t have the room to house one anywhere…

Well, there is one place you’ve not looked at - your walls! 

The between-stud gun safes are becoming more and more popular and are a great way to utilize storage in your home by using your walls. Commonly seen in films, between-study gun safes are gun safes that sit between two studs in your wall, which is commonly 16 inches or 24 inches. With this being said, you can get a stud detector for very cheap to check this! 

Below are some between-stud safes that you might want to consider if you’re planning on buying a gun safe that doesn’t take up too much room, or if you want to look cool by opening your wall! 

V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage (For Handguns and Small Firearms)

A popular brand and very well-commended brand for gun safes is V-Line and specifically, the V-Line Quick Vault for Handguns. This safe is an ideal hiding place for your handguns, small firearms, magazines, and ammunition as well as other small valuables. This safe also fits flush to a wall, meaning a painting can be hung over it should you wish to conceal the safe.

As with most of the safes in this list, the V-Line Quick Vault was designed to be installed between two studs in your wall. Installation isn’t too difficult, but if you don’t trust yourself drilling through your house walls then you can always pay a professional to do this for you! If you do decide to do this for yourself, don’t worry, you have about a 2-inch bezel to cover up any badly cut or snags that you may have when cutting through drywall.

Onto the security aspect of this safe, there is a reason the safe is so highly commended. Firstly, the door has an inner steel frame that provides additional protection to the door to prevent and protect your valuables from brute force and prying attacks should someone try. The V-Line vault also has a very common locking mechanism, it has a five-push button mechanical lock that doesn’t require any batteries or charging which gives you 1081 possible combinations, otherwise known as a simplex lock but is still very reliable and secure. 

On the inside, you may think that a small safe might not have too much room, but it has enough room for a shelf. Along with that, it also has a very nice felt that protects and contains your contents to avoid them being damaged or moving around in the safe. Specifically, it has a shelf to store ammo, small valuables or handguns and utilized more space on the underside of this shelf. Customers that have rated the safe on various websites have mentioned that you can comfortably fit three handguns in there is any one time. 

Something else that V-Line brings to the table is that the safe was designed, developed and is sold in the US and is CA DOJ approved, so you know this safe is the real deal. Some dimensions of the safe are as follows;

  • Outer Dimensions: 14” x 12” x 3 ½ “ 

  • Inner Dimensions: 13” x 11 ¼ “ x 2 ¼ “

When you are buying a safe like this, it’s usually not the best idea to try to save money as the more you pay, usually the more protection you get. This is not the case with this safe, as it comes in at an average safe value but adds so much more value with its protection and features and should definitely be looked into as a contender for your safe of choice.

V-Line Closet Vault || Gun Safe

Another superb V-Line product that V-Line offers is the closet gun vault. As with any V-Line product, they cram a lot of great features in and make sure that you’re valuables are well and truly protected. 

The V-Line Closet Vault has some thicker steel protection for storing long guns in the wall, should you need to utilize the space. With that being said, the Closet vault is encased with 14-gauge steel which is very strong and sturdy. Similar to the handgun unit, it comes with an advanced 3-point locking mechanism that provides you with an interesting and unique way to store rifles, sniper rifles and other valuables in several sizes. This simplex lock ensured an optimal security forefront, which again can have up to 1081 combinations. 

The door and its frame protrude around 2 inches from the wall, meaning some extra depth, meaning more room for your valuables. This may concern you about positioning this between the studs, but it will still fit perfectly fine, it can just utilize the space a lot better than other between-stud safes can.  

Unlike the handgun storage unit from V-Line, the close vault has the option for you to be able to buy extra accessories to arrange the interior to your standard. This can include pistol racks, extra shelving units, and door organizers. Again, this safe has a very nice lining which is a little foamy but a very thin layer of it, which still prevents any scratching from occurring or be it damage to your valuables. Although this safe is quite expensive, it does include features that other safes can’t compete with such as the stack-on model, thicker steel doors and extra storage space. 

Again with most V-Line products, the Closet Vault is made in the USA and is CA DOJ approved for your peace of mind. Some dimensions for this safe are as follows;

  • Outer Dimensions: 53” x 16 ¾ “ x 5 ¾ “

  • Inner Dimensions: 49 ¾ “ x 13” x 4 ¾” 

Similar to the other V-Line safe, you really are paying for what you get and more with the V-Line product family. With that being said, the V-Line closet vault is definitely for people who don’t mind spending a little money to make their safe personal and custom to their arsenal. With the wide range of accessories and quality from V-Line, this safe again is something to seriously consider when buying a between-study safe. 

Homak WS00017001 High-Security Safe

This very lightweight and compact safe, the Homak WS00017001 gun safe is a cost-effective way of storing your handguns. This safe is very small and just fits between 16-inch stud gaps, so make sure you measure this! 

Homak has developed the safe using hard steel which has a thickness of around 1.5mm with a powder-coated epoxy finish and uses a large, full-length piano hinge on the door to maintain strength. Whilst on the topic of security, the tubular lock and key on this safe aren’t too flashy. Like most common safes, it has a single key, with a backup should you lose your primary key. Some common questions asked about this safe is if the tubular lock is removable, which it is - so you may want to consider using a different lock and upgrading to give you even more security although this would void your warranty if there is any when you buy the product.  

As the lock is all manual, there is no need for any batteries or chargers when using the safe, meaning you should always be able to get in, unless you lose your keys. Some product dimensions are as follows;

Outer Dimensions: 17.1 x 4 x 11.8 inches

As the safe is very simple, there is not too much to say about this safe - other than it’s a great safe if you’re looking to hide it away. As for cost, it’s the cheapest safe on the list, but as we have mentioned above, you are paying for what you get on this safe! 

Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe

A possible underdog to the wall safe industry, Paragon has developed an electronic wall safe called the Paragon 7750. This wall safe is perfect for home use as it can easily fit the design of your room with its white color. Although not portrayed as gun safe, the Paragon 7750 has several shelves that can house small firearms, ammunition and other small valuables, but not specifically weapons. 

It’s built from high-quality materials, which allow for the safe to be sturdy enough to withstand basic and low-power attack attempts. When buying the safe, you may not notice but the safe has two separate locking options. One of which is a PIN number. This pin number can open the safe or you can use one of two keys to open the safe. The PIN is for sure the better option as you don’t have to carry the key around at all times, and a 3-8 digit number that you’re familiar with should spring to mind when you need to access the safe. 

Something that Paragon has thought about is accessing in the dark. With its electronic lock, it has a bright LED light that illuminates the keys to allow for access even in the darkest of spots. The electronic locking mechanisms run on AA batteries, so you may want to keep spares stocked up just in the event of this running out when you need it the most, and another reason to keep the keys somewhere you won’t forget. 

The interior is lined with a grey padding which will prevent any damage to your valuables and or firearms. As mentioned above, there are two shelves in the gun safe that are non-moving and unremovable. 

As this isn’t a gun safe directly, we won’t go into too much more detail about this safe, but if you want somewhere to store smaller firearms or ammunition, this might be the right type of safe for you.

Barska AX12038 Biometric Wall Safe

What’s the best safes list without a biometric locking safe? The Barska AX12038 is a biometric beast of the safe that fits between the studs in your walls. Safe, in particular, can store up to 120 biometric fingerprints and its sleek and modern design makes it easy to hide this behind another figure. This doesn’t mean you have to have 119 other people using your safe, but it might be a good idea to rotate your finger around a few times as different entries to allow you to open the safe at all different angles so you can access the safe regardless of your finger angle. 

Surprisingly, the safe only uses 4xAA batteries to power this and lasts about 2 years so you won’t need to worry about that all too much. You are also provided with backup keys if the batteries do run out unexpectedly. 

The interior is a little fancier than others in this list, with it’s a protective floor mat to avoid damage from the floor and primarily scratches your valuables. Something that the AX12038 has that others do is the removable shelves. Should you need a little more room in your wall safe, you can simply just take the shelves out. Barska recommends up to 6 handguns, but we think 3-4 would comfortably fit without overcrowding the safe.  

A downside to the Barska AX12038 is the noise it creates when you try to open the safe. In some cases when you are trying to open a safe, you are wanting to be as quiet as possible, and with this, when you press your finger down, a large and quite distinct beep is created and can alert someone with ill intentions. Saying this, Barska is aware of this and newer models of the safe have a feature that means you can actually mute the sound meaning the safe can be completely silent. 

As with other safes on this list, the Barska AX12038 is CA DOJ approved for safe storing firearms which means the safe is a real in-wall gun safe for firearm purposes. The quality and durability of the AX12038 is proof that this safe was made with the customer’s ideal safe in mind, and they’ve gone and made a great safe because of this.


Depending on your reasoning, you may want to consider any of the above in-wall and between-study safes for your home. We hope that you found the safe that meets your standards and needs, to protect yourself, your family and your home. 

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