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The 7 Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

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People can invest hundreds of dollars into the best and most secure safe to keep their firearms protected, but what everyone forgets is that their firearms are not truly safe from environmental threats.

Metal tends to rust and corrode when exposed to moisture for long periods of time and, while your safe can protect a gun from theft, kids, and potentially even fires, it cannot save your weapon from the humidity.

Prolonged exposure to moisture in the air can leave you with a musty, mouldy gun safe and corroded or rusting guns. Sadly, few people seem to think to stop the moisture before it has destroyed the contents of their safe. That is why having the best gun safe dehumidifier is a must — especially if you live in a humid area.



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Why do I need the best safe dehumidifier?

As we all know, prolonged exposure to moisture, such as humidity, can cause paper documents to mould, cause the metal to rust or corrode, and cause unwanted smells to arise.

This can and will happen in your safe if you don’t protect it. Keeping your safe truly safe starts with keeping the atmosphere from breaking it down. Humidity is a silent enemy that will cause your safe and firearms to rust and corrode.

However, owning the best safe dehumidifier can prevent this. The best dehumidifiers for safes will eliminate or prevent the moisture from permeating its immediate surroundings and keep your safe completely moisture-free. This will keep your valuables and firearms safe.

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Excess of everything is bad. Same applies to your Gun safe while you are checking the level of humidity in it. If the humidity is between 45% and 50%, it is an ideal humidity level.

Below to this level will make your guns and ammunition dry. Similarly, the above level of humidity will make your guns and magazines rusty. A responsible gun owner always checks the level of humidity particularly in rainy seasons when it increases generally.

Effects of Humidity on Guns

  • Since the bullets and shells have powder, excessive humidity plays havoc for them. The bullets and shells are tightly sealed, but you cannot confirm whether they are airtight. So, the humidity makes them useless when you want to use them.
  • Sometimes, the humidity in the gun safe is absorbed by the powder in bullets and shells. It denatures the oxidant particles of the powder. As a result, the ammunition powder ignites unevenly. It can be even more dangerous when the reaction is delayed.
  • Humidity can destroy your guns completely. It does not matter which type of weapon you are using. Every gun is made of metal and the humidity can make its moving parts rusty. Some parts can swell up and some will be rusty. As a result, you cannot fire the bullets through it properly.
  • The moderate moisture level is good for your guns and other weapons. If you hold some guns and rifles with wooden handles and woodwork on them, you must be very careful about the right level of moisture. If you keep the wooden components dry, there can be a breakdown in them. So, you need to keep the gun safe a bit moist to avoid this breakdown.
  • In such a situation, a high-quality Dehumidifier is required to keep the moisture in the gun safe at a balanced level.

Buying Guide

best gun safe dehumidifier

There are some very important factors you need to consider before you select the best safe dehumidifier. You need to keep some key principles in mind. See below to know what they are.

Size & Coverage

Gun Safe Dehumidifiers come in different sizes and designs. The designs are according to the moist area they cover. So, you need to check the coverage area first. It should cover the entire gun safe if you use it.

That’s why check the size of your gun safe and see whether your desired dehumidifier covers that much area or not. Generally, electric dehumidifiers are considered more effective. They can end up the moisture up to 100 cubic feet. If you have a smaller gun safe, you can select a smaller product. For a bigger gun safe, an electric dehumidifier is perfect.

Easy to Install

It should be easy to install. If it is not user-friendly, you may not install it correctly. As a result, it may not work to your satisfaction. If you are looking for a moderate gun safe, Silica Gel dehumidifiers are the best for it. These are easy to install and there is no extra toil needed for the installation of such dehumidifiers.

You need to put such dehumidifier inside the gun safe and that’s it. They will work on their own now. On the contrary, you need to use a power source to use the electric dehumidifier. It can be a bit complicated for you to install it.

Some gun safes already have drilled holes for such devices. If your gun safe holds a pre-drilled hole, the installation of electric dehumidifier may be easier for you. Otherwise, you need to be very careful.

Absorption Capacity

Another factor you need to check is the absorption capacity of the dehumidifier. If you have selected a silica gel product, you need to check the number of beads in it. Actually, these beads absorb the excessive quantity of moisture from the atmosphere. So, always select a silica gel product with a large number of beads.

It comes with high absorption capacity. The absorption capacity also depends on the number of guns you have put in the safe. If your guns have lots of woodwork and you have many guns, you need to use a highly absorbent dehumidifier. If you have a few guns, you can use an average absorbent dehumidifier.

Easy to Use

Last but not least is that it should be free from complicated features. It should be easy to use. If you are well-informed on how to maintain it, you will be comfortable while using it. So, make sure, the model you are selecting is easy to use and simple to maintain. It is necessary for durability and longer life.

Major Types of Safe Dehumidifiers

Generally, the best dehumidifier for safes come in one of two forms: electric or renewable. Each of these types has benefits, each providing good options for different people and situations. Let’s take a look at the differences, so you can consider which is best for your particular needs, either.

Electric dehumidifiers

PEET dehumidifier

These are the popular option and are highly effective in gun safes especially. Electric dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air by heating the surrounding environment, instantly evaporating any moisture trying to invade your safe.

They usually come in a sleek rod shape that is an exposed heating element. However, these dehumidifiers do require cords and need to be constantly connected to a power source. This means that your safety must be able to accommodate an electrical cord.

That can be a definite deal-breaker for some safes, especially if your safe does not have a hole for wires. But do not fret yet… for you, the best dehumidifier for your safe could be a renewable dehumidifier.


  • Instant evaporation
  • Controls moisture
  • Sleek


  • Must be plugged in at all times
  • Wires
  • Slightly more expensive option

Renewable dehumidifiers

Stack-On dehumidifier

Renewable dehumidifiers tend to be more compact dehumidifiers that work for small areas such as gun safes. They do not rely on any power to work. In fact, they usually utilize special minerals that absorb the moisture from the air and do not need anything to help it work at all.

Most of these will last a good 20 to 30 days before they need to be renewed as well, and the renewal process is usually time in the oven to dry it out (although some do need to be plugged in for a while to dry out).

Renewable dehumidifiers are completely eco-friendly. This is a great option for someone who does not have a plug near their safe or does not want to run wires and cords in and out of their safe.


  • Eco-friendly
  • No wires
  • Renewable
  • Small


  • Has to be renewed every month
  • Not electric
  • Not dehumidifying while renewing

Best Dehumidifier for Gun Safes

Which is the best dehumidifier for safes? After weighing the pros and cons, we’ve developed our top picks for both the best electric dehumidifier and the best renewable dehumidifier.

1. GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier

Goldenrod dehumidifier for gun safe

The GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier is an electric dehumidifier that will keep the moisture out of your safe. It is one of the best gun safe dehumidifiers and one of the most powerful dehumidifiers on the market.

It is a permanent maintenance-free solution to all of your humidity problems, covering up to 100 cubic feet. Made in the USA, it has a lifetime warranty.

The GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier also comes in a variety of sizes to fit any safe you may need to keep dry. It is available in 12” 18” 24” and 36” size options.

It is also a sleek and attractive option that will not be a major eyesore in your safe. It easily slips into the bottom of your safe and then plugs in to keep your safe mould and mildew free.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Occupies Less Space
  • Available for larger and compact gun safes
  • Sleek and attractive design


  • None

2. New and Improved Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

Eva-dry dehumidifier

The New and Improved Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier is a renewable dehumidifier. This is good for small spaces, as it is compact and will easily fit in any size safe you desire.

It is silent, eco-friendly, will work in areas up to 333 cubic feet. The New and Improved Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier does not require any batteries, cords, or fuss. It’s just a simple dehumidifier that can last up to a month before needing to be renewed.

It uses silica gel (that does not require replacing!) to absorb between 4-6 oz. of humidity.

An indicator window alerts you when it’s time to renew, with crystals that change from blue to pink (usually between 2-4 weeks, depending on conditions). To renew, you plug the unit in for 8-10 hours in a well-ventilated area. When the crystals revert back to blue, you can return it to your safe to resume moisture absorption.

With a monthly renewal, this dehumidifier can work for up to 10 years. It is also spill and messes free, as well as non-toxic, making this dehumidifier pet and kid-safe.


  • Rechargeable device
  • Cordless
  • Reliable for a long time
  • Non-toxic, pet & kid-safe product
  • Recharge require after 2-4 weeks


  • Fit for only 333 cubic feet safes

3. Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod

LOCKDOWN Dehumidifier electric rod

Lockdown products are famous for compact size, reliability and perfect functioning. It allows the atmosphere in a few minutes and absorbs extra moist. It is an electric rod that makes the air molecules warmer and a mild condensation goes through the entire gun safe to keep the humidity level well-balanced.

The brackets are included in the product pack. The drying capacity is approximately 100 cubic ft to 200 cubic ft. It is easy to install. It works on 110v and protects your guns from rusting and drying up.

The tube-like design controls the humidity evenly and can be kept on a space that is not used by your guns. So, it is easy to use and access.


  • Reliable for a long time
  • Compact size but effective product
  • drying capacity up to 100 – 200 cubic ft.
  • Consumes less power (110v)


  • Need to install it
  • Not fit for smaller cupboards

4. PEET – SafeKeeping Dryer and Dehumidifier for Gun Safes and Cabinets

PEET dehumidifier

It is used for larger gun safes and cabinets. PEET offers a high-power dehumidifier for the gun safes that reduces the excessive humidity and balances its level. It prevents your weapons from rusting and enhances their life.

The product is easy to use. However, the installation of the product can be a bit time-seeking. PEET SafeKeeping Dryer/Dehumidifier comes with a 5-year warranty. It can dry up to 80 cubic feet and above. Furthermore, it does not consume a large amount of power.

Peet dehumidifier uses less power than a standard bulb i.e. only 13 watts. It does not make your gun safe completely dried. Instead, it functions mildly and constantly to keep the moist-level well-balanced.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Dries up to 80 cubic ft.
  • Consumes less power (only 13 watts)


  • Occupies large place
  • costly

5. Stack-on SPAD-1500 Rechargeable Cordless Dehumidifier

Stack-On dehumidifier

Stack-on presents a small and compact sized dehumidifier for small gun safes. You do not need to go through a long process of installation.

The product comes with a plug-and-go system. Since it is cordless, you do not need to take extra care while installing it. Just keep it to a vacant place in the gun safe and that’s it. It is a rechargeable device.

Once you charge it for 8 – 10 hours, you can use it for up to 6 weeks. Stack-on dehumidifier removes moisture from 100 cubic feet. The compact-sized device can be fit anywhere in the gun safe. You do not need to make space for it particularly.


  • Small-sized product
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Rechargeable device


  • Not suitable for larger gun safes

6. Dry-Packs 750 Gram Silica Gel Canister Dehumidifier – Moisture Indicating

Dry-Packs 750 Gram Silica Gel Canister Dehumidifier - Moisture Indicating

Another best gun safe dehumidifier is Dry-Pack portable dehumidifier. It comes with 750gm silica gel. You do not need an electric charge to use it.

The product comes with silica gel to create balance in the atmospheric humidity and protects your guns and other weapons from moisture. The product remains active for years. It is a compact-sized silica gel cylinder that is less in width. You can keep it anywhere in the gun safe to end up the excessive moist.

It works evenly in the entire atmosphere. The gel remains reactivated for years. You do not need to face extra toil for its installation. Just keep in anywhere in the gun safe and that’s it. Let it do the rest. The beads are powerful and absorb around 60% moisture from the atmosphere. It is cordless and easy to handle.

It is not only useful for absorbing moist from the gun safes, but also from tackle box, backpacks, cabinets and small cupboards made of wood.


  • Portable dehumidifier
  • 750g Silica Gel beads
  • Absorbent Capacity up to 60% moisture
  • Gel remains reactivated for years


  • Not fit for larger cupboards and gun safes
  • Pricey product

7. BARSKA 150G Dehumidifier, Blue, Small

BARSKA dehumidifier

It is the best option for the people who want to use a mild and mini dehumidifier with powerful action. You can use it not only for the gun safes but also to the places where you have stored the moist-sensitive items.

The product keeps your guns away from mildew, corrosion and mould, etc. It absorbs the excessive moist from the air and keeps the environment well-balanced.

What you need to do is keep Barska dehumidifier in a microwave for a few minutes at 600w. When you are using it to control moisture level, its colour turns from blue to pink. You can use it for years.


  • Mini Dehumidifier
  • Powerful action
  • Absorbs 60% moisture from the air


  • Not fit for large gun safes
  • Pricey


All in all, having the best safe dehumidifier to keep your safe dry is an important consideration that most people overlook. The best safe dehumidifier will keep the atmosphere just right so none your firearms will corrode or rust, and none of your papers will mould. It will keep that musty safe smell away, too.

Don’t compromise the security of your safe by leaving it in a humid area to corrode and rust. Take the extra time to invest in the best gun safe dehumidifier to keep your safe and its contents truly safe.

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