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Best Mirror Gun Safes




When you are wanting to buy a gun safe, but want it to blend in with its surroundings, this can be often difficult and very confusing to do. You may look into hiding your safes in the wall and then covering them with a painting or canvas, or, you can use your safe as a mirror. 

Although not very common, more and more people are looking to mirror gun safes to keep their valuables hidden whilst also utilizing the space by having a mirror attached to the safe. These can be great as they blend into your surroundings as well as make a great addition to your bedroom, living room or dining room. 

Here are 3 of the best mirror gun safes that are available for you to buy and try out!

Tactical Walls 26” Concealed Gun Safe Wall Mirror

Like with all the mirror gun safes in this list, Tactical Walls are a leading provider of super-convenient and super-concealed gun safes, and this one is no exception. As a home defense option, this is the smallest mirrored gun safe in this list but it doesn’t mean it’s lacking in strength. As it’s concealed, it has a hidden cavity with a compartment behind the mirror that can be used to store handguns and small valuables.

The compartment itself comes in at about 14” x 10” x 3.5” (WxHxD) and can be used to store items such as magazines, ammunition, handguns, and other relatively small valuables. Developed with inconspicuousness in mind, the mirrored wall safe provides rapid access to the items within. A common question with these safes are are they really safe? Do the mirrored doors just slide open? Yes, they do - but you need a special key to release the locking mechanism. Once you pass over the magnetic locking system with the supplied key, the door should loosen ever so slightly, allowing you to open and retrieve the contents of the safe. 

When the mirrored gun safe is closed and locked, you will be unable to tell that behind it are valuables or firearms and it works and functions as a normal mirror. The mirror and wall safe are both well constructed and can last for a very long time. Should the mirror get smashed, you can replace this, but unfortunately Tactical Walls do not cover this and or don’t supply the mirror, but you can remove the safe and re-add the mirror should you wish to buy another replacement mirror. Saying this, it’s very difficult to break the mirror, as it’s backed by a security panel that prevents shattering of the mirror which is in place to prevent unauthorized access. As mentioned above, the mirror is also framed completely meaning you wouldn’t be able to take the mirror out without being in the safe in the first place. 

Something that Tactical Walls do with all their safes is rigorously tested before sending them out for sale. This safe is no exception to this and is well tested before reaching your home. 

Overall, the Tactical Walls safe is something to consider should you want a small gun safe to fit on the inside of your wall, but look like a standard mirror. 

Tactical Walls 30” Concealed Wall Safe

A big sister to the above wall safe, the Tactical Wall 30” concealed wall safe has the same features as the above, but a little more rich in detail and design functionality. Again, this safe is another recessed in wall storage solution from the Tactical wall, which is again designed to look like a portrait mirror. Although only a little bigger than the 26” Wall safe (14” x 20” x 3.5”) (WxHxD), it can hide a little more than it’s smaller counterparts, with more functionality with the internals. 

Inside, you have the option of LEDs to light up the safe as there are a few dark patches within it once you slide over the mirror. It’s lined with a small layer of foam to prevent any damage to your valuables, but also has the ability to be customized with hangers, optional and additional coat hooks and others to make your safe suitable for your use. 

Just like the above safe, this in-wall safe is made from Poplar and Baltic Birch which makes the aesthetics of the safe look great in any home and can be painted if you’re careful to match its surroundings. The overall build of the safe is robust, so you can be sure it will last for quite some time. The mirror is shattered resistant again with the safety backing to keep those around safe. It is also backed with plywood and encased in a full hardwood frame, providing additional layers of security for both the contents and the mirror. 

The magnetic locking of the 1420M Bundle is sturdy and will protect unauthorized access to your valuables.

Tactical Walls 60” Concealed Storage Mirror

Moving onto the head of the family, the beast of a mirror gun safe, Tactical walls had developed a 60” mirror that stores large rifles, or a range of smaller handguns. As a recessed in-wall option for storage, this is disguised as a full-length wall mirror which will look great in a bedroom. As with the others in this list, it houses a hidden cavity with several compartments to hide away your valuables and firearms. There are 2 larger cavities and one smaller one.  Some dimensions of these cavities are as follows;

Internal Smaller Cavity: 14” x 10” x 3.5” (WxHxD)

Internal Larger Cavities: 14” x 40” x 3.5” (WxHxD)

With this being said, the locking mechanism is the same with all the Tactical Wall safes, you can use the provided key to swipe over the locking mechanism and this will allow you to slide the door over to reveal it’s contents. Although you are paying significantly more than the above safes, you are getting a great feature with this safe which is the magnetic cavities. What this means is, any firearms that are metal (which should be all of them), will hold in place on the cavity walls meaning you can Utilize the space even better by placing them strategically along the back and stacking them up should you need to. 

A strange addition to this 60” monster compared to it’s 30” and 26” counterparts is the other possible locking mechanisms. You can select an RFID or Radion Frequency Identification locking strip. Although this sounds complicated, it’s just a key that can be picked up and information can be stored about it, which can be spoofed but is quite unlikely. Regardless, you can still unlock it with its backup keys which are again provided to you upon purchase of the safe. 

The exterior of the safe has also been well thought out, again made from a strong Poplar and Baltic birch, the build is very robust and functional to ensure a long-lasting safe for your house. The safe is overall is rigid with its 5-inch mirror surround and 2-inch plywood mirror backing, to ensure that the safe can’t be broken into by brute force. If you don’t like the color of the birch, rest assured as there are a few different variations you can have upon ordering the safe. Remember, it’s always good to have the same color safe as everything else in the room otherwise it will draw attention, which is the opposite reason you are wanting to buy a safe like this. 

Overall, the Tactical Wall 60” monster safe is a costly, but great addition to your home should you want a discreet but well-utilized safe. With its enormous capacity and long-lasting materials, this safe should be looked into as an investment to protect your most valuable items. 

Another way of hiding your valuables in the walls!

Another way that you might not have heard of is between-study wall safes. These safes are very similar and have the same kind of installation path as the mirror safes, however, these ones don’t have anything covering them by default. With this being said, there is nothing stopping you from putting a canvas or mirror in front of them, the only downside is that these are easily removable, so anyone who knows what they’re looking for can find the safe a little easier than a mirror safe. You can find out more information about them here!  


Overall, if you are looking to get the best functionality and convenience over a hidden safe, then Tactical Walls will most likely fit your needs perfectly. Although they are quite costly, these safes are very reliable and sturdy, which ensures that your valuables are protected for the long road ahead. Although not convenient for quick access, these safes are very good at blending in, meaning that when people expect valuables to be where the main room is, they’re actually hidden away, in the walls of the room, but protected by a large metal frame.

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