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Best Portable Gun Safes for Cars



Are you a frequent traveler? Do you carry your gun along when traveling? You need a safe for securing the gun and ease of access during emergencies. In this review, we have compiled the best portable gun safes for car. They have all the best features for exceptional functionality.

We have also incorporated a buying guide mainly to help you choose wisely. Continue reading as we find out the nitty-gritty details about each gun and how it can make a whole difference in the way you store guns.

Reviews on the Best Gun Safes for Cars

1. Best overall SnapSafe Treklite Gun Safe

Are you a traveler who wants a safe for secure storage of a handgun? The SnapSafe is your ideal gun. It is small and fits under the car seat without sacrificing the space. This makes it easy to access whenever you sense danger.

The gun safe features high-quality steel construction and hence durable. This also explains why the safe is designed for exceptional toughness. Additionally, you can easily secure the safe to stationary objects as it comes with a 1500 lb. rated security cable.

Say no to scratching or damage that comes because of poor interior construction. For this unit, there are four thick protective foam inserts. They prevent scratching and ensure your gun works safely.

Finally, this safe meets TSA airline firearm guidelines & approved as a firearms safety device by the California Department of Justice.


  • Made to last longer
  • Has foam padding
  • Features a cable for stationary tying
  • Approved for safety use
  • Small and space-saving


  • Not suitable for big guns


You can’t go wrong with the SnapSafe Treklite Gun Safe since it has all the features you need for car traveling.

2. Small and compact HORUSDY Lockbox for Guns

Another portable security case with a cable for tying stationary objects is the Horusdy model. It is small and compact hence portable and space-saving.

The safe is durable thanks to the high-quality tamper-resistant steel used in manufacturing. Additionally, the soft foam interior means scratch-free on your guns.

About safety, this safe meets the Transportation Security Administration requirements. This makes it easy to travel with it in your car.

Additionally, the safe has a zinc alloy lock system for improved security. Finally, this lightweight unit will feel easy when you are traveling.


  • Made from quality metal for durability
  • Small, compact, and portable
  • Has interior foam padding for scratch-free experience
  • Meets the safety standard requirements for traveling


  • You'll need the manual to learn how to use it.


If you are set for durability and ease of use, this HORUSDY Lockbox for Guns is a perfect deal for you. It is also cost-effective so you can grab it and experience the new way of traveling in style.

3. Best for large gun SnapSafe Keyed Lock Box

SnapSafe Lock Box With Combination Lock
  • Black combination lock baox
  • 1500 lb RATE 4 ft steel security cable
  • Protetive foam interior/thick 16 Gauge steel housing
  • Meets TSA Airline guide lines (check TSA regulations and Airline policies before traveling with any portable safe)
  • Approved by the California DEPARTMENT of Justice for firearms storage

If you have a large handgun, worry little about the storage since the SnapSafe box is made for that. The safe is lightweight and perfect in your car while traveling. You have the key entry for easy access to your gun when you need it.

 T6he housing is a heavy-duty 16 gauge steel. This means durability for long-term use. When you purchase it, be ready to realize the value of your investment instantly.

Additionally, you can secure this safe on stationary objects using the 1500 lb. rated security cable. Furthermore, this box has four thick protective foam inserts that defend your gun from damage or scratching.

Finally, it is TSA & CA DOJ Approved hence safe for your packaging and traveling.


  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Scratch-free due to foam padding
  • Meets the TSA & CA DOJ requirements
  • Key entry for quick access to your gun
  • Portable and lightweight


  • The cable is not very robust.


Overall, this SnapSafe Keyed Lock Box is a cost-effective and great companion when traveling. You will never experience bulkiness.

4. Space saving SentrySafe PP1K Portable Gun Safe

SentrySafe Portable Gun Safe with Key Lock, Gun Safe with Cable and Carrying Handle, 1 Handgun Capacity, PP1K
  • Portable gun safe provides secure storage for one standard handgun while traveling; interior foam helps protect gun from damage
  • Built with a carrying handle for easily transportation and a tether cable to attach gun safe to a stationary object for added security
  • Gun safe is constructed with solid steel and a pry resistant door for strength; California DOJ certified gun safe
  • Gun safe is equipped with a key lock and comes with two keys
  • Exterior: 11.3 in. W x 10.0 in. D. x 3.3 in. H; Interior 9.8 in. W x 7.3 in. D x 3.0 in. H; weighs 6.5 pounds

When you are thinking about storing your gun while traveling, this SentrySafe PP1K  is a great solution. The unit is minimal with a compact design. You will find it fitting under your car seat without taking too much space.

It is also made from steel hence durable. You are sure that the value of money used while procuring the safe will show in results. Additionally, the tubular key makes it secure when locked.

Unlike other small safes that do not meet the required standard for safety, this safe is California DOJ certified gun safe. You will travel with it without the worry of being caught in the safety authorities’ requirements.


  • Durable construction for long term use
  • Has two keys for safe locking
  • Small and compact
  • Meets the safety standard in California
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Tethering cable available


  • Getting the key into the keyway is sometimes challenging.


When you are thinking of driving while you travel, get this SentrySafe PP1K Portable Gun Safe. It is easy to secure your handgun and will serve you for a longer time.

5. Most durable Hornady Lockbox for Guns and Valuables

When you are set to store guns and other valuables while traveling, a good safe for your car is the Hornady lockbox. It is made from quality steel and hence durable. You will also love how it opens smoothly to allow ease of access to your gun.

The 4-Foot steel security cable is super tough and will withstand over 1,500 pounds of force. When you tie it on a stationary section, be sure to find it available.

It is large for maximum storage, so worry little when your big gun needs space. Besides, it is compact and light, so you will find it easy to travel with it anywhere.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Large for big guns
  • Has a cable for tethering
  • Has premium interior foam to safeguard the gun against scratches and damage


  • You will find it not easy to close.


When you are looking for extra storage for guns and valuables, try this Hornady Lockbox for Guns and Valuables. It is durable and reliable for your storage needs.

6. Easy to use Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Handgun

VAULTEK Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe with Auto Open Door and Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (SE20) (Slider Safe)
  • SLIM VERTICAL DESIGN can hold a max firearm length of 8.875” plus 1 spare magazine. Stores great under a desk or nightstand, discreetly on a bookshelf, or inconspicuously in a vehicle. Included Proprietary Mounting Plate allows for multiple mounting configurations including standard VESA 75mm and 100mm hole patterns, and allows the safe to be removed from the mounting plate in seconds by an authorized user.
  • TOUGH AND RUGGED 16-gauge carbon steel construction with a durable finish prevents corrosion and ensures long lasting protection of your firearm for years to come. Anti-theft protection includes a single anti-impact latch to keep the safe securely locked under impact and anti-pry construction.
  • QUICK ACCESS signature three-point precision rail system with ball bearing guides rapidly deploys the safe open and presents a stored firearm in the ready position in fractions of a second. Get in quick when it matters most using the gaming inspired action of the auto-illuminating keypad with built-in proximity sensor, or included manual key.
  • RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM-ION POWER provides power up to 4 months, and charges in 2.5 hours with the included micro-USB charging kit and RESPONSIVE LED LIGHTING features interior LEDs to view the safe interior and backlit keypad with built-in proximity sensor.
  • REFINED INTERIOR includes high density foam padding to holster and protect a single firearm plus 1 spare magazine. No top mounted accessories. Fit handguns of up to 8.875” length.

If you are looking for a compact safe that is slim to hold a handgun, this Vaultek Essential Series would be ideal. It is made from quality steel hence durable. You will also enjoy its lightweight construction that makes portability a reality.

You can quickly access your gun thanks to the auto lighting keypad that illuminates the entire unit for excellent outcomes. Additionally, the safe has responsive LED lighting so you can locate it with ease when in low-lit areas.

One of the best features is the rechargeable Lithium battery. When you charge it for two hours, it will take you through 4- 6 months.


  • Great quality rechargeable battery
  • Steel construction for durability
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Slim hence looks great.
  • Foam padded interior to prevent scratching


  • The lid opens with so much force.


When you are looking for a great quality safe for your car, try this Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Handgun. It is crafted to withstand a test of time.

7. Best with foam padding First Alert Portable Handgun Safe

Are you finding it hard to store your handgun securely? Here is a small portable and multicolor First Alert safe. It is made of quality steel for durability. Besides, the interior features foam padding to prevent scratching and unnecessary movement.

It has a keypad where you enter three to eight numbers for locking and unlocking. Additionally, the safe has spring-loaded open closure that makes it easy to lock and open the safe.

 The safe has a steel cable for easy securing in the car. Also, it comes pre-drilled, where you can easily mount it on the wall.


  • Durable construction
  • Foam padded interior for scratch-free resistant
  • Has a steel cable for tethering
  • Quick entry keypad


  • The powder coating isn’t great.


When you want an affordable portable gun safe for a car, this First Alert Portable Handgun Safe will do wonders.

8. Easy key and lock Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock

Another unit you can rely on for safely securing your gun is the Bulldog safe. It is durable since it is constructed from quality steel. The safe uses key and lock to open hence easy compared to the complex types on the market.

It comes with the mounting hardware in case you want to lock it somewhere. Additionally, the unit is lightweight, compact, and portable to your preferred locations.

Despite all these great features, the safe is still cost-effective and hence obtainable.


  • Durable constriction
  • Compact and lightweight for portability
  • Comes with keys for easy locking
  • The interior is foam padded for scratch-free use


  • Feels bulky and takes time to mount


Overall, the Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock is affordable and durable. Get it and see how it transforms the way you safeguard your gun in the car.

9. Best lightweight SAFEGO Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box Safe

SAFEGO Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box Safe with Key and Combination Access (Black)
  • One of the highest rates safes online - 95% of reviews are 4 or 5 stars
  • Heavy-duty flexible steel cable to securely lock around almost any fixed object
  • Rust-resistant, impact-resistant, and water-resistant (90 day warranty included)
  • Earphone / charger access allows you to listen to music or charge your devices while securely locked
  • Open safe using either resettable 3-digit custom combination code or unique key (comes with 2)

The SAFEGO safe is small, lightweight, hence portable. You will put it in the car and never worry about space since it sits correctly under the car seat.

 It is made of heavy-duty quality steel, so be sure to have it forever while keeping the gun safely. Also, the interior is foam padded and never stretches your gun. When storing the gun, it will always look as new as the first day you bought it.

It also comes with a steel cable that allows you to tie it around fixed objects. This improves security, and any attempt to pick and run fails miserably.

When it comes to the locking mechanism, this safe utilizes the combined mechanism. It has the 3 resettable combination code with two unique keys.

The safe is perfect for use everywhere, but most importantly, it works well for the car. Get yours today and safeguard the gun against access by unauthorized individuals.


  • Has a steel cable for tethering around objects
  • Made to last longer with harsh weather resistant features
  • Small and compact for portability and easy storage
  • Has the key and electronic locking systems


  • Not ideal for big guns


Finally, this SAFEGO Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box Safe is ideal if you are looking for an affordable safe that secures your gun in the car.

Things to Consider Before You Get a Portable Gun Safe for Cars

To find portable gun safes for car that are appropriate for you, there are 3 main questions you need to ask yourself:

         ● Is it small enough to fit in the car?

         ● Is it stress-free to access the gun?

         ● Does it stand the test of time?

Find the top considerations below before you buy portable gun safes for car.

Quality built

Everybody knows what steel quality means. So, find a steel built gun safe for the car. This is a sure way to last longer and offer unmatched services. This means impact resistance. Additionally, ensure the interior is softly padded for a scratch-free experience.

Locking mechanism

Make sure the safe is easy to access and choose a locking mechanism that is quick and easy. We encourage you to get the keypad or key locking system. These are common and accessible in case of emergencies.


Find out if the safe has a cable for tethering on stationary objects. This cable should be of high quality and resistant to extreme force. This improves protection. You can also find out how many extra keys are included in the safe. If it is a rechargeable type, check the batteries and charging cables.

The prices

How much are you set to invest in your purchase? Check your budget and compare it with the safes available on our recommendations. You’ll always find something suitable for your purpose. Do not go for overpriced safes that will drain your pockets.


You can only make a relaxed purchase when you are assured that the company backs you. Find out if the safe has a warranty and check the terms to find out if they are favorable for you.


In general, portable gun safes for car come in minimalist sizes and are compact for portability. You will also find them easy to access since they use electronic and key mechanisms. 

In this review, we only selected popular units that are fairly priced. They have all the best features you would want in a gun safe for the car. Try it out for improved security.

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