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Top 8 Best in Wall Gun Safe – Electric, Bio-metric and more

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Owning a gun is a big responsibility and, while it may keep you and your family safe, you need to keep it safe, too. This is why owning an in-wall gun safe is so important. Having a hidden wall gun safe is the perfect way to protect your firearms from harm’s way and prying children. Check out the chart for the best wall safes on the market today.


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Why do I need an In-Wall Gun Safe?

It is crucial to own a gun safe to protect your firearms and keep children away from your weapons, but owning just any safe will not get the job done. An in-wall gun safe is one of the best options because it is concealed from view, easily covered by painting or mirror, and nearly unmovable once it’s installed. There is none of the hassles that come with the average gun safe in trying to find the cleverest place to tuck it away.

While an in-wall gun safe requires proper fitting in the wall, once installed it is not going anywhere. Unlike a smaller safe, a wall safe cannot easily be picked up and run off with. To access the contents, you either must know the code or spend the time to crack into it.

This is another reason that hidden wall safes are the best option. They can protect your firearm and keep your valuables safe. However, many in-wall gun safes are not fireproof or waterproof — something to keep in mind when choosing the best gun safe for your needs.


  • Easily concealed from view
  • No hassle of trying to find a good place to hide it
  • Keeps valuables and guns safe
  • Deters theft
  • Inlaid in the wall, making it difficult to break into


  • Rarely fire or waterproof
  • Can be a pain to install
  • Permanent once installed
  • An additional cost of purchasing art or mirror to cover (unless installed in a closet)

Buying Guide

Paragon lock and safe in-wall gun safe

There are different in-wall gun safes available in the market and online too. All of them vary in size, shape, function, and features. So, choosing the perfect one for your home may be a bit confusing. Here, I am going to explain a handy guide on how to select the best in-wall gun safe. Go through it before you make a pick.

Select Location

Before you make a selection, you need to select a location in your home where you want to fit this gun safe. It is important to avoid later confusion. Maybe the wall is not high and wide as compared to the product you have selected. So, it can create difficulties for you. First, determine a place and check the width and length of the wall to estimate the accurate size of the gun safe.

Size of In-Wall Gun Safe

The size, of course, matters a lot because you need to keep your valuable items in it. You are going to store your larger and smaller guns and rifles in the gun safe. Maybe you keep your precious jewelry and other important stuff too. That’s why a good size in a gun safe is required.

Easily Movable

Another point you need to consider is that it should be easily movable. Although you have installed it to the wall, it should be easy to move from one location to another. It should not be difficult for you to move it to another place if anytime in future you want to shift your lodging.

Concealing Quality

You need to check how much space it contains to conceal your valuable guns. There are some famous brands and people just see their durability and easy movability. They do not check the concealing quality of in-wall gun safes. It is quite wrong. If you are going to select the best in-wall gun safe, you need to check the concealing quality too.

When you have installed it in the wall, it should not become prominent like an ordinary safe. It may be concealed behind a looking mirror or inside a closet. It should be hidden behind a large portrait to dodge burglars. That’s what you need to check while selecting the right gun safe for yourself.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism of the safe should be highly difficult to operate. It should not be easy to find or open. The easy mechanism can be fooled by the burglars and your toil and money become useless. Select a gun safe that comes with difficult and unique locking mechanism. Learn the mechanism before you bring it to home.


Last but not least is that it should be durable. The construction of the gun safe should be solid because it is going to possess your valuable guns and other items. If it is made of thick steel sheet or a steel door, it will provide your items complete security. Don’t go for design. Instead, prefer a safe that comes with durable construction because a unique design does not guarantee durability.

Top 8 In-Wall Gun Safes

To help you choose the best wall safe for your needs, we have listed four of our favourite in wall gun safes below. This list includes some of the best wall gun safes that our team could find and, hopefully, one of them is right for you.

1. Stack-On IWC-55 Full-Length In-Wall Cabinet

Stack-On in-wall gun safe

The Stack-On IWC-55 Full-Length In-Wall Cabinet is one of the best wall safes we have found. This in-wall gun safe has a steel door and a 3 point locking system that secures the door at the top, bottom, and at the opening side of the door. It has a removable steel shelf and a foam padded bottom to protect your guns and valuables. It is above and beyond the average wall gun safe, as this is an in-wall cabinet.

This means that it is far larger and longer, fitting even more firearms and taller firearms such as rifles or shotguns. It can hold 2 – possibly 3 – rifles or shotguns that are up to 52” tall. This particular safety features your basic key lock system, meaning there are no batteries required.

The Stack-On IWC-55 Full-Length In-Wall Cabinet is one of the best wall gun safes there are and was designed with usability and comfort in mind.



  • Made of stainless steel
  • 3-Point locking system
  • Dual security system
  • Perfect for taller rifles and firearms
  • Easily concealable


  • None

2. Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe

Paragon hidden large safe

The Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe is another of the very best in wall gun safes. This in-wall gun safe even comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. With two opening options, it can either be opened with a simple key lock system or an electronic code can be programmed into it.

The 2 required AA batteries are included. This safe is relatively simple to install and has a nice powder-coated interior and exterior, with a grey carpet mat padding on the inside bottom to further protect your guns and valuables.

The Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe is a great in wall gun safe that has solid steel construction and tamper-proof hinges, too. This is another solid option for an in-wall gun safe.


  • 10-years warranty
  • a simple opening mechanism to remember
  • made of hard steel
  • Simple to install
  • padding inside on bottom to protect scratches


  • None

3. Stack-On Wall Safe with Electronic Lock

Stack-On in-wall safe

The Stack-On Wall Safe with Electronic Lock is yet another of the best wall safes. This in-wall gun safe has removable shelving, making it a rather versatile safe. It also has a 3 point locking system, just like the in-wall cabinet mentioned above.

The Stack-On Wall Safe has a key coded cylinder lock and an electronic lock. The electronic lock can be easily programmed and the beeping sounds that it makes can be turned to silent if the user so desires. It also includes an override key to allow for more immediate access in case of emergencies.

This is constructed of solid plate steel and includes a pry-resistant door with an extra thick steel locking plate for added security. This in-wall gun safe does require batteries but the first 4 AA’s are included. At just over $100, this is priced slightly higher than the previous two safes reviewed.


  • Electronic lock mechanism
  • Removable and adjustable shelves
  • Made of solid plate steel


  • Pricey product

4. Protex Wall Safe with Digital Keypad

Protex in-wall gun safe

The Protex Wall Safe with Digital Keypad is yet another of the best wall safes. The Protex Wall Safe with Digital Keypad is burglary resistant in wall gun safe with a digital electronic lock system.

This safe even has a motorized locking bolt system which allows the door to automatically open. This safe is designed to be installed between 16” wall studs and includes 2 removable shelves.

It comes with 4 AA batteries to run the safe. The Protex Wall Safe with Digital Keypad in wall gun safe also has LED illumination on the interior and a felt-lined interior.

This is most definitely one of the best wall safes and worth the extra money. The Protex Wall Safe with Digital Keypad safe costs just under $200.


  • Digital electronic lock system
  • Motorized locking bolt system
  • Removable and adjustable shelves
  • Easy to conceal behind portrait or mirror


  • The build is not strong

5. V-line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe

V-line keyless gun safe

It is a durable product that is made of 16ga. Steel. The model has particularly designed to accommodate AR-15 rifles and other larger guns. It is available in horizontal and vertical designs.

You can select your desired one. The pre-drilled holes come with the case. The lock mechanism is hard to find out for burglars. The main mechanism works on the basis of five pushbuttons. Another plus point of V-line Quick Access gun safe is that it is key-less. You do not need to use the keys. Instead, you use the keypad.

Pushing a few buttons can open the safe. You set a combination of keys that is easily remembered. The stylish outer layer of the steel has a powder coating that is less glossy and sober.


  • Keyless gun safe
  • Available horizontal and vertical designs
  • 16 ga. Steel makes it extremely durable
  • Accommodates AR-15 Rifles


  • Not a fireproof product
  • Easy combination of keys can open the safe

6. Stack-On GCB-908 Steel 8-Gun Security Cabinet, Black

Stack-On GCB in-wall gun safe

It can hold up to 8 rifles and small guns. The cabinet length is up to 54 inches. This in-wall gun safe is highly concealable. It is not easily detected by the burglars. The shelf contains foam padding-bottom to lessen the risk of scratches on the guns.

The 3-point locking system and the key coded lock provide the double security to your valuable items. It is not only suitable for rifles and guns but also perfect for other valuable goods such as ornaments and documents.

The strong cover of welded steel on the outer layer adds more strength and durability to the safe. The steel piano hinges have been fixed inside to provide your goods more security.

Its installation is easy on the floor or in-wall. The security system and durability make it long-lasting for years.


  • It has a double security system
  • Made of Welded steel
  • Good length for rifles and guns
  • The bottom is padded with foam to avoid scratches on your guns


  • Not fireproof
  • A bit pricey

7. 7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe .083 CF for Large Jewelry Security-Paragon Lock & Safe

Paragon lock and safe in-wall gun safe

This in-wall Gun Safe comes with 19 inches height and 14 inches width. So, it is perfect to keep your guns up to 18 inches. The latest locking mechanism is a part and parcel of Paragon’s product.

It is known as flatter and can be concealed easily. The product is perfect for keeping smaller and moderate-sized guns and even the smaller rifles. You can keep your precious jewellery and other items in it too. It is a flat electronic safe that can be concealed easily behind a picture.

You can also keep it inside a closet.  The dual security mechanism offers you two choices. You can open it via code or keys. If you have a short memory, select the opening method via keys.


  • Dual security mechanism
  • Two options to open the safe
  • Easy to conceal behind a picture
  • Strong build


  • Not fireproof product
  • Not fit for big rifles

8. Barska AX12038 Biometric Wall Safe

Barska gun safe

Barska has manufactured this product with concealing purposes. It is easy to conceal behind a large portrait or looking mirror. The safe is made of stainless steel and hard to break into.

The in-wall build of the safe does not occupy much space in the room. It comes with a single locking and dual opening mechanism. In case of an emergency, you can open the safe without using the combination. You can keep your guns, jewelry, and documents in it.

Make sure you also check out our guide to the Best Biometric Gun Safe Review and Guide.

The interior is silver coated to avoid your valuable things being moist. It contains two shelves and both of them are removable and adjustable. The biometric technology to open the safe makes it worth considering. You do not need to remember a key combination. Nobody in your absence can open your safe.


  • Biometric opening system
  • Recognizes up to 120 users
  • Highly concealable
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Durable for years


  • Pricey product
  • Not good for rifles


Overall, owning an in-wall gun safe is one of the best options for you to protect your firearms and deter theft. They are easy to conceal, keep your valuables and guns safe, and are worth the extra time to install them. Hidden wall safes are a great way to keep your things safe, but there are hundreds on the market. This is why we listed 4 of the best wall safes above to help you find the right in-wall gun safe for your needs.

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