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Cannon Wide Body 64-Gun Fire Safe



Are you looking for a gun safe that will take you through years of use? Do you have a large capacity of guns to store at once? Well, worry no more since you are in the right place. We’ve researched for hours and compared different gun safes on the flooded market. 

The different brands typically offer you good services, but notably, nothing beats the Cannon wide-body 64-gun fire-safe both in functionality as well as durability. Follow through as we explore the uniqueness of this gun safe.

Review of the Cannon Wide Body 64-Gun Fire Safe

If you’ve handled guns before, you will agree that the biggest threats to your firearm are burglars and fire. It would help if you had a safe that stands the two threats and protects your guns from access. This is why the Cannon wide-body 64-gun fire-safe rules the high-quality, safe market.

The safe comes from high-quality steel construction, so you are sure it will serve you for ages and even serve your generation. Some users have had it for over 10 years, and still going strong. The stell construction means that the safe will work well regardless of the unforgiving weather conditions. Also, it will resist rusting and corroding.

The door is extremely thick and boasts a dual-stage triple fin door seal, which explains when the door is exposed to heat. This seals spaces that might cause the fire to rase your guns. The tightly sealed interior keeps the guns safe until you access them.

About th fire rating, this gun safe is superb and stands for 60 minutes through fire. This will allow you to call the fire department in less than an hour and regains your expensive guns.

When it comes to the gun capacity, you dont have to worry. This is a large safe with interior dimensions measuring 17.47”x56.11”x35.87”. This is spacious enough to hold 64 guns. It is made of felt interior materials that make it comfortable to prevent gun scratching.

It uses the electronic locking system, so you have access through the keypad with your unique code. This makes it inaccessible to unauthorized users.


  • Made from high-quality steel to last longer
  • Thick door that expands easily to prevent the fire from accessing the guns
  • 60-minute fireproof to secure your guns
  • Lifetime warranty to back up the purchase
  • Has 10 locking bolts for extensive safety


  • The gun safe is heavy, and you’ll need a workforce to set it up
  • It is expensive

What to Look For in a Cannon Wide Body 64-Gun Fire Safe

To find a Cannon wide-body 64-gun fire safe that’s right for you, there are 3 main questions you need to ask:

  • Is the safe fireproof, and for how long does it stand the fire?

  • Does it come from high-quality material construction?

  • Is it large enough to carry your guns?

Now that you have the questions in mind let's dive straight into the critical things you’ll need to check out when buying the Cannon wide-body 64-gun fire safe.

Quality and durability

This is critical for the Cannon wide-body 64-gun fire safe. You need to use the quality and ensure it will stand the test of time. Commonly, the materials used in the construction of a safe matter a lot. 

We recommend a safe made from thick steel gauge. This will repel the burglary attempt. The doors should also be thick with strong bold in the hinges. This ensures the safe remains sturdy when there is a break-in attempt.

Fire rating

This is a key aspect when you are buying the Cannon wide-body 64-gun fire safe. We recommend a safe that withstand fire for 60 minutes and above at 1400F. This will allow you to call the fire department and secure your guns within one hour.


Q: Is the safe easy to move around?

When you are in your old age, you will find this safe a little bit bulky to move around. This is because of the heavy-duty steel constructions, which makes it heavy. However, you can still have the moving rollers and move it easily to your preferred location. Alternatively, you can remove all the guns and move them easily, then repark.

Q: Does the safe come with a warranty?

Yes, this safe has a lifetime warranty. Few manufacturers give a lifetime warranty, which is why this safe is perfect when you are set for the warranty details. The warranty package included; Replacement and Brand Promise, where you get hassle-free no-cost repair or replacement after a natural flood attempted break-in, break-in, or fire, and lifetime replacement of and 1 year of labor for parts.

Q: Is there an alternative way to get into the safe if my batteries die?

For added security, there is no other way to access the safe. However, the battery compartment is located on the outside of the safe, so you can change the battery and access your safe if it dies. The pattern or code combination will remain the same.

Q: Does the safe come with an override key in case of emergency?

No, the safe doesn’t have the override emergency key. This is safe for you and also perfect for your security.


When you want to safeguard your guns against fire and other inconsistencies, you need the Cannon wide-body 64-gun fire safe. It is a durable, safe made from high-quality steel. It is also a large capacity gun safe that will store your long and short guns. Try it out today, and let us know how it served you.

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