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Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E Review



Mesa Gun Smart Safe

If you own many rifles and very serious about their protection, then this MBF6032E Safe from Mesa Safe Company is the best choice for you. With 14.4 cubic feet capacity, it can easily accommodate as many as 30 big guns. The storage space is quite sufficient for the gun lovers to keep all of their fire weapons safe and protected from thieves.

It is made up of heavy-duty steel. The overall thickness is one and a half-inch, and that is why it weighs 650 pounds. Also, the large size of the safe contributes to its weight.

It is not easy to move it due to its all-steel construction, but the company is fully aware of the smartness of the thieves, and that’s why the product is featured with four anchor holes to stay connected with the floor.

It has a fully upholstered interior. The shelves and walls of the safe along with the door panel are all upholstered. The shelves are adjustable according to the size of the guns you want to keep inside.

But you can also keep any of your precious things in the safe along with the guns. You can easily remove shelves to accommodate your big guns, but if you have small guns and other valuable documents to keep, then there is no need to remove any of the shelves.

The vintage-style and brass spoked handle can disguise anyone as it is only for a decorative purpose. There is a battery-operated electronic keypad locking system that is responsible for protecting your belongings inside the safe. It can also be programmed with a time-delay.

This locking system is further protected by a punch activated the spring-loaded re-locking device. There are four live locking bolts for additional burglary protection, each of 1-inch and made up of solid steel. Other than this, it is not easy to remove the door as three solid steel deadbolts/hinges of 1-inch diameter are there for door protection.

It is also hard to melt it off with fire as it is a fire-resistant product. It can withstand 1750 Fahrenheit temperature for up to an hour. Other than this, it won’t be broken if it falls from two stories up.

Another good thing about this safe is that you can also gain access to your belongings with the help of a backup key. If any problem occurs to your electronic locking system, then the backup key becomes helpful to open the safe.

In the end, if we talk about the warranty for this safe, then the company offers a limited lifetime warranty.


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  • All steel construction
  • Digital locking system
  • Sufficient internal capacity
  • Upholstered interior shelves, walls, and door panel
  • Modifiable interior shelves
  • Fire protection
  • Programmable time delay
  • Decorative brass spoked handle
  • Four anchor holes for keeping your safe to the floor


  • Constructed with heavy-duty steel
  • Stores up to 30 rifles
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Shelves, walls, and door panel are all upholstered with protective fabric
  • Excellent fire-resisting properties
  • Electronic lock with a backup key


  • Its heaviness may damage your floor
  • It is an expensive product

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