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Stack-on 22 Gun Convertible Safe Review



The Stack-on 22 convertible security safe is one of the best safes you can buy for protecting your guns. It comes in a matte black colour that enhances its beauty. Its sturdy steel structure speaks for itself.  With a weight of 245 pounds, it is a good and reliable safe to keep your handguns.

Its steel structure protects it from getting rust, which explains its durability. The two-way locking system sounds attractive with six locking points making it safer to keep your guns. Moreover, the combination lock also serves the purpose. You can set the lock of your choice and change it anytime you want to ensure safety. It is also a drill resistant product, so all of your worries are gone.

Stack-On SS-22-MB-E SS22 Gun Safe, 22, BlackBesides the combination lock, the safe also features a bolt down opening and closing mechanism available. The handle moves very smoothly. Less power is needed to operate it. It will spare your hands from aching and putting the continuous effort in opening the safe.

The convertible feature is mind-blowing. It is quite handy to use. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for non-professionals as it makes the usage quite simple.

Another fantastic highlight is “no battery” feature. There are no batteries required for its operation. Therefore, the buyer is saved from the fuss of charging or replacing the batteries. Keeping the batteries is an additional investment itself. The manufacturer kept this thing in mind while making this safe.

If we talk about its interior, the customers will be surprised to see the carpeted shelves. These foam-padded shelves give an elegant and tidy look. It is another way to keep your guns safe. There are four adjustable shelves inside which you can adjust according to your needs. Moreover, the perfect matte black colour looks elegant and attractive. Having a safe that looks and serves the best is a win-win situation.

The most appealing feature is its three years warranty. To know that your gadget is here with a warranty is a satisfaction in itself.

Last but not the least good thing about this safe is its affordable price. Although it is not as amazing as the safes worth $2000 but for $400 it is more than you have to pay for it. It is safe and easy to use. By investing a little, you are getting a reliable and good-quality safe for your guns with three years warranty. This will sound a fair deal to anyone.


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  • Strong steel structure
  • Rust resistant
  • Combination lock
  • Attractive black colour
  • Keeps the guns away from abuse
  • Does not require any batteries
  • Bolt down the opening and closing mechanism
  • Comes with a limited three years warranty
  • Carpeted inner shelves
  • Six locking points and four adjustable shelves


  • Solid structure and drill resistant
  • Combination lock and bolt down system
  • Six locking points
  • Carpeted shelves
  • Eye-catching black colour
  • Four adjustable shelves
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use


  • For some users, the storage capacity is not ideal
  • A combination lock is less safe than a fingerprint
  • It is difficult to clean the carpet and hidden hinges

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