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New and Improved Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Gun Safe Review



Steelwater new and improved gun safe

This Steelwater gun safe is designed to keep your special tools such as guns safe and secure. It is one of the safest safes available in the market that comes with a semi-gloss textured powder coat black finish. It is built with 12 gauge steel that enhances the durability of the product and makes it sturdy.

This product can resist fire for up to 60 minutes. It can easily withstand 1785 Fahrenheit temperature for up to an hour. The hard covering of the steel prevents the safe from any incident like gunshot, punch, etc.

Steelwater 22 for long rifles and guns
Your arms are quite safe and secure in the safe with a mechanical and digital locking system. The automatic system is installed in the safe to alarm any sort of theft. The standard features of automatic LED lights present a whole new, improved design for the security. The electronic version helps the user not to be locked out of safe. The maximum number of guns this safe can keep is 20. But on average it can accommodate as many as 12 to 16 guns at a time.

The EMP protected mechanical and digital lock helps to maximize the security of the safe. The mechanical lock made up of fine steel prevents the safe from any harm, and the digital helps to secure a code only known to the owner of the safe.

The gear drives ensure smoother operation when the safe is open or close. The large 8X drill resistant plate is another upgrade. The new and improved model has 4(1/2) steel reinforced bolt down holes to offer high security.

Another significant feature of Steel Water Gun Safe is that its interior has LED lights. The LED lights turn on when you open the safe at night and turn off when you close the door.


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  • The new and organized safe is made up of steel with various security features.
  • Sufficient enough to store 12 to 16 long guns on average, but the maximum number of guns it can accommodate is 20.
  • Made up of fire-resistant material that can withstand 1875 Fahrenheit temperature up to 60 seconds.
  • The electronic modified version of the lock system with high security and double-sided bypass lock helps the user not to
  • be locked out of your own safe.
  • It has a weight of 453 pounds with 59 inches height, 18 inches depth, and 28 inches width.
  • The gear drive system helps to minimize the pry attacks, drill attacks, gunshots and punch attacks.
  • The standard features include EMP protected digital/mechanical lock with interior lights and a solid body.


  • Automatic locking system
  • Solid steel construction
  • Carpeted interior
  • Includes door organizer to keep other important stuff related to guns
  • Automatic LED lights
  • Digital and Mechanical locking system
  • Can withstand fire up to 60 minutes
    Wide width to accommodate many guns
  • 5” thick door
  • Meets and exceeds the California Department of Justice Regulatory Standards


  • LED lights remain turned on only for 5 seconds
  • The safe is quite heavy to move
  • The maximum gun storing capacity is 20, but it is not possible to store 20 guns inside

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