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Here’s Why the Value of a Patch Jag Cannot Be Underestimated in Gun Maintenance

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​Here's Why the Value of a Patch Jag Cannot Be Underestimated in Gun Maintenance

A jag is the sharp pointed attachment at the end of your cleaning rod.

The value of a quality patch jag is often underestimated. Its major purpose is to hold the cleaning patch in place as you drive it through the barrel of your firearm. It comes in various sizes. Use the right size for your barrel and your patch.

It is important that you pick them one by one and mark the sizes while they are still new. It will be difficult to tell a .44 from a .45 once they get mixed up. Some versions however come with the sizes stamped on them.

Hoppe's No. 9 Deluxe

Here are some of the common uses of a jag:

Protects the Barrel

The pointed edge of the jag goes through the middle of a cleaning patch, and pushes it through the barrel. A completely wrapped patch around the jag provides protection to your bore as metal to metal contact is minimized.

Better Cleaning

A well fitted jag makes cleaning more effective. This is because it fits snugly through the barrel and scraps grime and grit steadily throughout its length.

It pushes the patch through the corners and other hard to reach parts where dirt easily accumulates. It can easily reach the bottom of the grooves especially the breech. Some models allow scouring both ways.

The non-slotted jag pushes the cleaning patch through the bore while the slotted one pulls the patch through the bore. Most shooters prefer to use the non-slotted one as the pulling of the patch through the barrel may redistribute the fouling.

Unblock the Barrel

Dealing with stuck patches does not have to be so much trouble anymore. A jag is a safe way to fetch cleaning patches trapped inside the barrel. You will get them out without leaving any scratches on your treasured weaponry.

Inspect the Bore

Since it is hard for you to see through the barrel of your firearm, a jag can help you discover manufacturers defects on a new gun. Tight or looser spots can be detected by passing it through the length of the barrel.

These imperfections can be smoothed out before you take your firearm to the range.

Lubricate the Gun

Besides removing dirt from the nooks and crannies, a moderately oiled patch on the jag, will ensure that these hard to reach areas are properly lubricated without overdoing it.

A tight fitting patch on the jag will scrub fouling and grease off the entire length of the bore. Avoid the ones made with plastic, though cheaper, they are low quality and do not last long.

Superior quality alloy jags, though more expensive, and may not come with the cleaning kit, will give you longer service and are cheaper in the long run.

There you have it, take your gun cleaning to the next level by using high-quality jags. If you are looking for complete gun cleaning kits, then we have reviewed some of the best right here:

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