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Best Under Desk Gun Safe



Are you a licensed gun holder? And, do you have the under desk gun safe to secure your gun when not in use? The market has a variety of gun safes for you. They arrive in different styles, quality, and offer varying features. 

Our review focuses on the top safes recommended by experts. We have also included a buying guide for more information. Without wasting time, let’s dive straight to the review and see what each safe has to offer you.

Reviews of the Best Under Desk Gun Safes

1. Best medium SentrySafe X055 Security Safe

SentrySafe Security Safe with Digital Keypad Lock, Steel Safe with Interior Lining and Bolt Down Kit, California DOJ Certified for Firearm Storage, 0.58 Cubic Feet, 8.7 x 13.8 x 9.7 Inches, X055
  • Set your own digital combination with this medium safe box; 2 override keys ensure you will always have access to your valuables; Not a fireproof safe or waterproof safe
  • Digital safe offers secure storage for medication, cash, and small valuables; California DOJ certified gun safe
  • Basic security safe for home as a theft deterrent; Digital combination safe features 2 live-locking bolts, steel construction, concealed hinges, carpeted floor, and bolt down hardware
  • Exterior: 13.8 inch W x 10.6 inch D x 8.7 inch H; Interior: 13.6 inch W x 8.7 inch D x 8.5 inch H; Medium 0.58 cubic foot capacity; Weighs: 14 pounds
  • For optimal performance, SentrySafe recommends the use of four high-quality, name branded and alkaline AA batteries with an expiration date of 8-10 years from the current year. Generic and rechargeable batteries often do not have the lifespan needed to support long term usage

The Sentry Safe is a medium safe designed to offer you maximum protection. It is a 0.5 cubic feet unit and excellent for securing your gun. The safe comes from solid steel and hence durable.

It has an electronic locking mechanism and also has 2 override keys in case of emergency.

With the dimensions of 14.29 x 11.65 x 9.45 inches, you will find it easy to place under your desk for easy access. Also, the items weigh averagely hence easy to transport.

This is also California DOJ certified gun safe .which makes it secure for use. When you insert the 4AA batteries, they will serve you longer.


  • Durable solid steel construction
  • Features electronic locking mechanism
  • Comes with 2 override keys for emergency
  • California DOJ certified gun safe


  • It has a small interior


Finally, the SentrySafe X055 Security Safe is affordable under desk gun safe you will find perfect when you are looking for a reliable safe. Try it out.

2. Best minimal and slim AmazonBasics Small, Slim Desk Drawer

Amazon Basics Small Slim Desk Drawer Security Safe with Programmable Electronic Keypad - 11.8 x 8.6 x 4.4 inches
  • Safe with a slim size fits conveniently inside of a drawer
  • Programmable electronic keypad for easy operation; emergency back-up key included; small handle on door for quick access
  • 2 live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges for superior security
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware included for mounting the safe to a drawer
  • Product Dimensions: Exterior measures 11.8 x 8.6 x 4.4 inches (LxWxH); interior measures 11.7 x 8.5 x 1.7 inches (LxWxH)

AmazonBasics is one of the famous brands with reliable safes for your guns. We included this unit on our list because it is minimal and slim. Once you secure it anywhere, it won't compromise the space. Also, you'll find it easy to carry from one place to the other.

About construction, the safe comes from high-quality steel. This makes it durable and a great choice if you are ready to invest wisely. It fits well under the desk, hence easy to access the gun.

Finally, the unit has a programmable electronic keypad with a backup key in case of an emergency.


  • Made from steel
  • Small and slim for easy use
  • Has a programmable keypad with emergency keys
  • Comes with an installing hardware


  • When you close the battery easily pop out


The AmazonBasics Small, Slim Desk Drawer is a brand that you'll find excellent if you are looking for affordable under desk gun safe.

3. Best space-saving GunVault Safe SVB500

GunVault Speedvault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500
  • Bio-metric fingerprint scanner & activation button
  • Holds up to 20 individual fingerprints
  • 18 gauge steel construction, with protective foam lined interior

If you want a safe that saves space, you'll need to get the GunVault Speedvault  SVB500. This one has the biometric fingerprint scanner & activation button. You'll be able to save up to 20 individual fingerprints. This makes it easy to access for anyone authorized.

About the durability, this unit has 18 gauge steel construction. Also, it has a protective foam-lined interior. This means durability and a non-scratch surface. The safe comes with backup override keys in case you forget the pattern.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Small and space-saving
  • Has override keys
  • Access through fingerprints


  • Very small design


Overall the GunVault Speedvault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500 is durable and excellent if you want a safe that will last you longer.

4. A semi-flat V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe

V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe, Semi-Flat Black
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • Pick and pluck foam interior
  • Genuine Simplex Lock
  • Oversized pullout drawer with ball bearing sliders

V-line is one of the few semi-flat safes on the market. It fits well under the desk hence easy to retrieve the guy when there is an emergency. It is made from high-quality, heavy-duty 12 ga. Steel body. This means durability.

Again, the safe is light and has a pick and pluck foam in the interior. You will find it easy to use and never scratching on your guns.

The drawer is a pull-out type and works quickly to allow you access to the gun when in need. Lastly, it is CA DOJ Approved and hence safe for use.


  • Approved for safe use
  • Great drawers for use
  • Has internal anti-pry brackets
  • Access through fingerprints
  • Weighs only 21 lbs. hence portable
  • Flat for under the desk use


  • No keypad


Finally, we recommend this V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe if you want a gun safe that will last you forever.

5. The RFID activated Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe

Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe – Gun Safe for Cars and Trucks, Safely Stow Gun in Vehicle – RFiD Safe for Fast, Multiple Method Entry – Car Gun Safe Conforms to Vehicle Shape Without Modifications
  • Hornady Vehicle Gun Safe – Secure your duty-size or smaller handgun while in transit, or when leaving your firearm in your vehicle. Allows quick access and can be mounted on the driver or passenger side
  • RFiD Gun Safe – Patented RFiD technology delivers the fastest access to your handguns while you're on the road. Touch-free entry opens the car safe/truck safe instantly using the included wristband, key fob or decals
  • Easy to Install – This Hornady safe mounts between console and seat without any modifications. Neoprene cover protects finishes. Comes with a heavy duty 1500 lb. steel lock-down security cable that can also attach the safe to any stationary object
  • Convenient, Safe and Ready – Backup digital keypad and mechanical key offer additional entry methods. 12-volt car adapter and battery power ensure safe and effective gun storage 24/7. Exceeds ASTM International safety standards for child and pry resistance. California DOJ approved
  • Sizing and Specifications – Exterior: 12 x 6.4 x 2.2", Interior: 7.5 x 5.6 x 1.7". Fits standard 4-inch barreled pistols and smaller. Includes Rapid Vehicle Safe, wristband, key fob, (2) decals, (2) circular barrel keys, 1500 lb. security cable and 12V car adapter

If you are not ready to waste time while locking or opening the safe to get out your gun, then you'll need this Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe. It is durable and RFID activated by a wristband. It is, therefore, flat and touch-free entry. This makes it easy to use and also safe for you.

It is made from a premium gauge 14 steel and foam padding in the interior. You will find it easy to use and also durable to meet the value of your money. You will like the commercial cable that secures it in a stationary place.


  • Made to last longer
  • Has a cable from stationary tying
  • RFID activated by wristband
  • Tested for security


  • The screws on the unit can be unscrewed easily


Overall, the Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe comes from steel and has a foam-padded interior. You are sure that the stirred gun will get maximum security.

6. Best fire-resistant AmazonBasics Box Safe

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Security Safe with Programmable Electronic Keypad, 1.24 Cubic Feet, Black, 14.17" x 13.8" x 19.67"
  • 1.2-cubic-foot fire-resistant safe for protecting important documents and other valuables from theft and fire
  • Complies with modified UL 72 Standard for Safety Tests for Fire Resistance of Record Protection Equipment for 20 minutes at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit tested by Intertek
  • Durable 14-gauge heavy-duty steel body construction; 5 large 0.75-inch bolts for superior security
  • Programmable electronic keypad provides quick and easy access; includes back-up key for emergency use
  • Adjustable shelf optimizes storage space; backed by an Amazon Basics limited 1-year warranty

Another unique under desk gun safe is the Fire Resistant amazon basics. The safe is unique in that it comes high quality 14 gauge steel that resists fire. This means that the gun will remain safe in case of a fire outbreak. It is tested for modified UL 72 Standard for Safety Tests for Fire Resistance.

It had\s the electronic keypad and backup key entry, so you are sorted if the keypad fails. Also, the unit has an adjustable shelf for more storage space.

Finally, the unit is 1.2-cubic-foot and weighs only 67 pounds. This makes it easy to use and perfect for storing your gun for safety.


  • Made from quality steel
  • Fire resistant
  • 1.2 cu ft. hence adequate for storage
  • Weighed 67 pounds
  • Keypad and key for energy


  • The plastic number pad feel low quality


Finally, this AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box Safe has over 1.5 k reviews hence excellent if you are looking for a functional safe.

7. Best for small guns GunVault SV500

GunVault SV500 - SpeedVault Handgun Safe
  • For handguns
  • Exterior dimensions: 6.5 inch high x 3.5 inch wide x 13 inch depth
  • Interior dimensions: 2.75 inch high x 5.75 inch wide x 8.5 inch depth
  • Mountable, protective foam liner, audio/LED low battery warning, interior courtesy light, tamper indicator, computer black access after repeated invalid entries and backup override key included
  • California DOJ approved/requires 1 9V battery

If you are looking for a safe that accommodates your small guns, then this SV500 is your deal. The safe occupies little space and weighs 6.61 pounds. This makes it easy to use and even put under the desk for quick access.

It is made from quality steel with a foam liner. You will find it excellent when you are buying the unit to serve you longer.

If the keypad fails, there is a key override as a backup. Finally, it is California DOJ approved and requires 19V battery.


  • Durable construction
  • Small and space-saving
  • Mounts easily under the desk
  • Lightweight for easy use
  • Soft interior foam
  • Comes with a five-year warranty


  • The mechanism that opens the latch to allow the drawer to drop open is quite loud


Conclusively, the GunVault SV500 - SpeedVault Handgun Safe is suitable for you if you are ready to secure your gun under the desk for quick access.

8. Best low profile Stack-On QAS-1304-12

Stack-On QAS-1304-12 Low Profile Quick Access Safe with Electronic Lock
  • Made in China
  • The package length is 12.7 centimeters
  • The package height is 38.1 centimeters
  • The package width is 26.67 centimeters

If you want a quick access safe that fits under the desk, then this Stack-On QAS-1304-12 is perfect. The unit is a low profile type that weighs 12.2 pounds. This makes it portable to your preferred locations. Also, it means it is easy to mount under your desk for use.

When it comes to locking, this model uses electronic and key mechanisms. Worry little when the electronic machine fails since the key is available as a backup.

Unlike other keypads that make irritating noise, this one can be silenced. There is also a low battery warning to notify you of the battery status. Lastly, mounting hardware is included to help you during the installation.


  • Made from steel
  • Easy to install and use
  • Has battery low warning
  • Features a silencer for the keypads
  • Has a key for emergency use
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Sometimes the backup keys do not work


Finally, this Stack-On QAS-1304-12 Low Profile Quick Access Safe fits well under the desk. It is also lightweight for easy transportation. Mounting hardware is included, so you'll find it easy to set up for use. Buy it and see how it works for you.

Things You Need to Consider Before You Buy an Under Desk Gun Safe

To find the Under desk gun safe that’s right for you, there are 3 main questions you need to ask:

  • Does it offer quality that lasts longer?
  • Is it easy to access during an emergency?
  • Is the safe spacious enough to accommodate your gun size?

Gun safes have a lot of things that differentiate them. You'll need deep research to find out the distinguishing factors. Do you have the time? Below is a list of the things you’ll need to factor into your buying decision.

Quality construction

Steel is common when constructing gun safes. The doors and walls of your safe should have a thick steel effect. 12 gauge or 10 gauge steel is exceptional. Ensure the exterior construction is super-strong to prevent an unnecessary break-in. Also, find out how properly the joints have been welded. This will keep off any attempt to try to find an open section for access.

The Size and Weight

When you are buying a gun safe, the size is determined by your gun/s. If you are set to store several guns, you’ll need more space, which calls for a larger gun safe. Also, some safes come with thick walls that take up a lot of interior space.

This will mean that the storage space is limited. If your gun comes with extras, it becomes challenging to store it safely.

About the weight, you need a safe that is easy to lift. Most of the under-desk safes are lightweight hence easy to move from one place to another. Purchasing a heavy safe only to run late when it comes to emergencies is unnecessary. 

Security features

Is the safe simple to access? Find out the safe has a key entry, button entry, or fingerprint, among other security access. This will enable you to pick the safe that is easy to access when you need the gun for an emergency.


Finally, pricing is also crucial. Expenses are an important factor to consider before picking an under desk gun safe. If the gun is too costly, then it’s not worth it. You need to settle on a safe that matches the experience you are looking for at an affordable cost. 


Warranty is also one of the most important factors to take into account since safes need to be backed up by their manufacturers. Find out the warranty details and whether the company has a friendly customer service. Also, the manufacturer should be ready to respond to your concerns. Check through online reviews to know if the customer care of your preferred brand is responsive.


Q: Can I insure a gun safe?

A: Yes, you can insure a gun safe against fire, theft, and several inconsistencies. Make sure to call your preferred insurance company to get your quote. We recommend that you insure the most expensive gun safes as this will be economically viable.

Q: How do I know the best size of a gun safe for my gun?

A: If you aren’t sure about your preferred safe size, it is recommended you get in touch with the manufacturer. This is easy since you’ll visit the website and get the contact details for quick responses. Also, make sure you know the size of your gun and anything extra that might compromise the gun's entry into the safe.


When it comes to buying an under desk gun safe, ensure you pick a safe that will meet your security needs. Nobody should be able to access it unless you give authority. Our recommended units are obtainable, and the best part is that they cost fairly. Grab one today and safeguard your gun when you are away.

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