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Top 9 Best Diversion Safes Hardest to Discover by Criminals

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During an ordinary break-in, a thief spends too little time in your house to check anywhere but the most obvious places. This is where a diversion safe shines.

The best diversion safe is a safe that looks nothing like a safe. It protects and hides valuables in plain sight, often right beneath a burglar’s nose.

Diversions safes make the very best small safes or best money safes, as they are generally very compact in size, holding less than a traditional wall safe. Below are the pros and cons of owning a diversion safe rather than a traditional one.


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What is the Best Diversion Safe?

If you are fond of watching Hollywood movies, you will be well-versed with the concept of Diversion safe. These safes are quite unique in outlook, compact in size and occupy less space as compared to the regular safes. Often the diversion safe is like a book where there are no pages. Instead, it holds a gun.

Sometimes, in your table, top part slides aside and money reveals from there. Often, the bottom of a drawer reveals a bundle of scandalous photos and some illegal documents. The best example of such diversion safes is the movie Shawshank Redemption where Andy Dufresne has concealed a mini-sized hammer inside a diversion safe. This diversion safe looks like a Bible that is hollowed out.

Diversion Safe Features

These safes look ordinary like other everyday objects. They may be like a coca-cola can, or maybe like a flower pot where you will find enough space to conceal your documents, money and valuable items.

The burglar will not consider it a valuable item while searching your home. These safes are very ordinary and no one can notice them due to their common outlook. How can you search through a soda can, hairbrush or a flower pot if you are a burglar?

These things are 99% the same as they look like. There is nothing fake in them. If you are using a flower pot safe, it will be like a real flower pot. The thief will never search out a flower pot. Instead, he will look for expensive gadgets, closet safes and drawers in a cabinet, etc.

These safes are compact in size. So, while travelling from one place to another, you can carry them in your luggage like your important stuff such as a hairbrush, soda can or a book. These safes are easy to carry with you in luggage.

It is a safer and unique place where you can hide your money and valuable items because they divert the attention of anyone easily. They have disguised safes and do not attract the sight of burglars. So, no one can imagine that you have a safe like an ordinary hairbrush.

The diversion safes are available in all types and sizes to accommodate you hide more and more items. However, you for better security of your valuable items, you can use more than one diversion safes in your home.

The diversion safes are available at affordable prices. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on them. Spend a few dollars and get a good diversion safe. These safes are available from $4 to $20 easily.

Diversion Safe Advantages

It looks like an ordinary and an everyday object. So, the thieves do not pay much attention to it. They commonly look for a cupboard, locked cabinet or an ordinary safe where they could find jewellery or cash.

It is available at an affordable price. The ordinary safe costs you hundreds of dollars. However, a diversion safe is available in incredibly lower price i.e. $4 only. If you are purchasing an ordinary safe, you may be spending all saving to purchase one safe. On the contrary, you can get multiple diversion safes in a lesser amount of money.

The diversion safe occupies incredibly less space in your home. It may be a hairbrush, soda can, electricity supply device, a book or a flower pot. So, you do not need to vacant much space in your bedroom to place it there. Put it anywhere on your dressing table, side table, in the kitchen or in bookshelf.

If you often forget passwords, you have a bad short-memory. So, you cannot use an ordinary password-protected safe to keep your valuable belongings. In such a case, diversion safe is the best option. It is easy to operate. You do not need to put a password to open or close it. Just move to a particular direction can make it opened or closed.

These safes are easily accessible. If you are working in the kitchen, you can keep your important stuff with you in the kitchen. If you spend most of the time in the bedroom, keep them near to you. Even, you can keep them with you while moving around.

Diversion Safe Disadvantages

These safes are highly valuable due to their great importance, but there are some disadvantages of diversion safes. Here they are.

Since these are not water/fireproof, you cannot guarantee to get your valuable items back if your house is on fire or there is a flood. You cannot get your belongings back.

These are compact in size. So, you can keep some particular objects or papers in them only. You cannot keep every important thing in them. For example, you can keep your passport, property papers, a legal will, money or jewellery in them only. You cannot keep your valuable and precious decoration pieces in them to hide from burglars.

Since these safes have no lock, any person sitting near them can unconsciously find your valuable items in them while cleaning or dusting around them. These are not detectable easily but can be discoverable easily.

Some Typical Diversion Safes

Book Safe: It is the most popular type of diversion safe. The outer cover of such diversion safes is made of an original book to give a realistic touch of a book to it. However, you can hide your pistol, keys, cash and small jewellery inside it. The compartment is small, but the burglar cannot identify a book as your hidden safe. You can keep it in bookshelf with other books.

Can Safe: Can safe is a very uncommon way of hiding your valuable objects. Can safe can store your jewellery, cash and property documents, etc. You can put it in a fridge or in the kitchen to dodge the burglars. Since a soda can is a very ordinary object, it is not easily detectable.

Rock Safe: These safes are very compact in size and you can hide your important keys, memory card or a flash drive in them. You can place these decoration pieces in your kitchen where you use to stay most of the time in a day or keep them near your bed in the bedroom. The choice is yours. Before selecting such diversion safe, you need to keep in mind the size, colour and shape of the rock piece you want to purchase. It should be matching to the environment where you can to keep it. Otherwise, it will look prominent.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Diversion Safe

comet cleaner realistic diversion safe

There are loads of diversion safes available online. All of them are different in type, shape and size. You can select any of them, but you need to consider some important factors before you buy any diversion safe for home. Following are the factors.

Very Ordinary & Cheap

Don’t select a very costly diversion safe. It may become prominent in your bedroom or house. Select a very common and cheap diversion safe to make it a part of your environment. It is for dodging the burglars. They never notice the mediocre items.

Perfect for Your Lifestyle

Don’t select an unusual diversion safe. If your friends like soda water, don’t buy a soda can diversion safe. Maybe your friends visit your home in your absence and they get the soda can accidentally to take with them. It should not be a book if your friends or family members love reading books. Always prefer a diversion safe that could be contrary to their taste. It will keep your belongings safe from an accidental slip.

Moderate Size

The size should not be large enough to become difficult to carry with you. For example, if you buy a big doll or teddy bear, you cannot take it with you if you are travelling outside of the city. It will be difficult for you to move around with a big teddy bear or doll. The people will consider you lunatic due to your weird activities. So, you need to select a diversion safe that is compact or moderate in size. It will be easier for you to move with it.


Select a durable diversion safe always. Don’t select a safe that needs maintenance with the passage of time. It may be costly for you to maintain your safe periodically. If you select a clock shaped diversion safe, it needs battery changing or some other functional problems. So, you need to get it repaired again and again. That can waste your time and money. That’s why you need to select a durable and long-lasting diversion safe.


The diversion safe should be non-functional. A functional safe can attract your friends’ attention. They may break it to see the mechanism. If it needs repair sometimes, any of your relatives can open it from inside to check what’s wrong with it. So, don’t select a functional diversion safe. It will create a problem for you.

Best Diversion Safes

1. Best Diversion Safe: Quick Vent Safe with RFID

Home self defense diversion safe

The Quick Vent Safe with RFID is our pick for the best diversion safe on the market, and perhaps the best small safe on the market as well. The safe is designed to look like a typical HVAC vent, so it blends seamlessly into your wall. Because the safe itself sinks into the wall, you must cut out the drywall to install it, providing a nice amount of storage space covered by the simulated “vent” exterior.

The largest of the diversion safes that we reviewed, its dimensions of 15 x 5 x 7 inches provide enough room for storage of most small goods, yet allow it to remain inconspicuous. This diversion safe can hold a gun, jewelry, money, documents, etc. all in plain sight, all easily assessable. The faux “vent” uses an RFID locking system that is battery operated.

To open it, you touch one of the four RFID devices to the top and it pops right open. It also comes with a backup battery to ensure that you will never be locked out. Simply touch the key to the top and you have access.


  • RFID works fantastically.
  • No physical key to struggle with or code to remember while in an emergency situation.
  • Back up battery is a must – very useful!
  • Easily installed.
  • Free shipping.
  • QuickSafes has fantastic customer service.


  • The “vent” is made of white plastic so it may not look exactly like all vents.
  • The door does not always “pop” open and must be pulled by hand.
  • Compared to other diversion safes, this one comes with a higher price tag.

2. Best Book Safe: BARSKA Hidden Real Book Gun Safe

BARSKA gun safe

The BARSKA Hidden Real Book Gun Safe is the perfect safe for any avid book reader. It is one of the best diversion safes on the market considering the size, ability to blend in, and price. The product is designed to look and really just like a copy of Pride and Prejudice, while secretly storing a small safe between the covers.

Surrounding the safe are real book pages, making it fit in exactly with all of the books on your shelves. The safe is opened with a physical key and is designed to fit money, passports, and jewellery. While the safe is advertised to fit a gun, according to reviews only fairly small guns will fit inside. This perhaps makes it one of the best money safes, but not one of the best gun safes on the market.

This safe is easily portable, which can be both a pro and a con. It would be perfect to take on vacation and hide valuables in a hotel room, though if a thief found it they could easily wander off with it.


  • Has real pages which make it look like a real book for the sides and tops.
  • Safe itself is made of steel.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • One of the larger “book safes” on the market.
  • Not too expensive as far as safes go.
  • Fairly well made.
  • Perfect gift for Jane Austen fans.


  • Only comes as the book Pride and Prejudice.
  • Not fire-resistant.
  • Wish there were pages in the front of the book to better hide the safe if someone were to flip the book open.

3. Best Shelf Safe: Covert Cabinets HG-21 Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden Storage

Covert Cabinets HG-21Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden Storage, Espresso

The Covert Cabinets HG-21 Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden Storage is a very unique product. This is a shelf that attaches to the wall like any other with a slight difference; it also features a drop-down gun cabinet. Items such as pictures or small plants can be placed on the shelf and will not interfere with the opening of the gun cabinet as it drops down, meaning this shelf also acts as a decoration.

This makes it one of the best gun safes and best diversion safes with dual functionality. The shelf can be unlocked using a magnetic key that is touched to the top center of the shelf. As an added bonus, the gun cabinet does not just drop open spilling the contents onto the floor but features a dampener gas spring that causes the hinges to smoothly open.

This is one of the best diversion safes if you are looking for something that will blend into any room. It looks like any other shelf leaving no indication that there are guns hidden inside. The shelf is also made of beautiful wood, which comes in a variety of finishes, very attractive and sleek in any room.


  • Fantastic Customer Service.
  • The shelf looks exactly like a shelf and functions as such.
  • Comes in a variety of finishes to ensure it blends perfectly into your design.
  • LED light inside of the gun cabinet.
  • A sturdy product that is well built.
  • Quick and free shipping.


  • Only holds 1 full-size handgun with ammo.
  • Fairly expensive for a diversion safe.
  • Opens very slowly.

Honourable Mentions

While these diversion safes did not make our list of the top three, they all deserve honourable mention…well, for being cool.

4. Large Fake Rock Key Hider

fake rock diversion safe

The large piece of fake rock can be easily matched with your natural environment. You can keep in your garden near the upstairs case to make it a part of the natural atmosphere. No one can imagine that this 6.5 x 5.5 inches piece of rock is your diversion safe in fact. It is durable in all weather conditions. The piece of rock is made of high-quality poly-resin. So, it is completely water-proof.

Inside, it contains a resealable bag where you can keep your precious documents, keys, and cash safe from rain and dirt.

If you want to fit in the interior space anywhere in your drawing room, you can fit this cavity easily. It will not fall out from there.

The item is only 1.37 pounds in weight to give an original rock-like look to your diversion safe.


  • Natural Outlook
  • Low-priced item
  • Durable for a long time
  • Resealable bag inside to protect items


  • A bit less spacious for larger items

5. JSSMST Home Dictionary Diversion Safe Lock Box

JSSMT Dictionary safe lock

It looks like an original dictionary and you can keep it aside on your study table to make a part of your environment. It is an ordinary item and nobody can imagine that you have a diversion safe in such a dictionary cover. It comes with a key lock to protect your valuable items from unauthorized use.

The dictionary diversion case has 9.5 x 6.2 x 2.2 dimensions. So, you can easily hide your precious jewelry or small automatic weapon in it. You can also keep your important papers or passport in it.

The product is available with 30 days money-back guarantee. It contains an 18-months warranty. JSSMST provides you lifetime support once you buy this diversion safe.


  • Outer cover made from the original dictionary
  • Seems a part of the natural environment
  • Spacious enough to hold a gun or ornaments
  • Durable for a long time


  • A bit pricey

6. Ajax Powder Cleaner Safe Can Diversion Container

Ajax Powder Cleaner Safe Can Diversion Container

It is a handcrafted diversion safe that has been made from the original Ajax cleaner can. So, no one can consider it as a diversion safe. It is perfect to keep your cash and precious ornaments. The dimensions of the product are 9.5 x 3.7 x 3 inches. It weighs only 6.4 ounces.

The product is not weighty and seems like the real pack of Ajax powder cleaner. The top of the product is not easily detectable and keeps your precious objects away from prying eyes of burglars. The inner cover keeps your belonging rust-free for a long time. So, you can select it for moderate-sized items.


  • Made from Original Ajax Cleaner can
  • Best for cash and small objects
  • Inner water-proof pouch


  • Not good for a gun or heavy jewellery

7. Diversion Safe –Stash Can – Picture Frame Safes

Picture frame diversion safe with locked compartment

This unique diversion safe is the best to keep your precious ornaments and cash safe from burglars. It is a beautiful picture frame. You can fit your family photo in it and place it to your bedroom’s wall. So, no one can imagine that you have kept your valuable items inside a picture frame.

Due to an ordinary and original picture frame outlook, it seems a part of your environment. It is perfect for everyone to keep a large number of items. You cannot only hide your important documents, but also the locker keys, passport or larger items in it.

Inside the picture frame, there is a free pouch that keeps your jewelry and other items free from the drops of water and moist. If you are not satisfied with the functions, you get a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Spacious for big gun or jewellery
  • Durable product
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Inside a waterproof pouch


  • Pricey

8. Diversion Book Safe with Combination Lock

Divert Book safe

Another very interesting and reliable diversion safe is the book safe with a combination lock. Inside the book, there is a metal lockbox that is not apparently visible. It is available in four different styles: Sydney, Beijing, New York, and Egypt. The dimensions of the book are 9.52 x 6.14 x 1.37.

Inside the book, you will see a reliable 3-number combination lock. It is a handy diversion book safe to keep your important stuff with you while you are traveling around. You can keep your important papers and precious ornaments inside the combination lockbox to keep safe for a longer time.

It is perfect to use indoor and outdoor. You can keep it in your bookshelf to make it a part of the natural environment. The outer cover is made of the original book to give it a realistic look.


  • Reliable Product
  • Spacious for gun/ornaments
  • Realistic Outlook


  • A bit pricey item

9. Comet Cleaner Diversion Safe Stash Can

comet cleaner realistic diversion safe

The original Comet Powder Bleach Cleaner can be converted into a diversion safe is a perfect place where you can keep your precious belongings. You can keep your keys, documents, property papers and even the jewellery in it.

It is authentic and you can keep it in the bathroom or in the kitchen. It is a realistic and reliable diversion safe to keep with you for a longer time. There is a hidden compartment on the lower part with the aluminum lid.

So, nobody can guess that it is your diversion safe. It includes a 4.5 x 3 inches human-friendly water-proof and the smell-proof bag where you can keep your precious items away from the burglars.


  • Durable product
  • Best for documents/jewellery
  • Realistic product
  • Human-friendly Water-proof/Smell-proof bag inside


  • Congested for big items

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