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When you buy a gun safe, you might feel that you’ve been let down by the amount of storage that the gun safe manufacturer has suggested you can hold. Don’t worry, we’ve all been in the same boat and because of this, other manufacturers have developed gun safe organizers that hang on the back of the gun safe door.

This will help you utilize the space on the back of the door of your gun safe, and allow you to store small items such as ammunition and magazines up to full-sized, scoped weapons. We’ve put together a list of door organizers that range from cost-effective up to super practical. Let us know what you think!

PIKA Door Organizer

The SPIKA door organizer is exactly what it says it is. Something that SPIKA has thought about with this is the sizing. This should fit most small to medium-sized safe doors, but this should be measured before you buy. As with most door organizers, this can just be hung from the inside and will allow you to utilize the space, as flush as you can make it on the back of the door. On the topic of installing the organizer, you don’t require any installation as the door organizer will simply clip on your door safe and then you can use it as normal. 

The most important question you might have is the size of the organizer. This model can hold 2 medium-sized guns, 3 handguns and 2 medium zippered pockets that you can store ammunition, accessories or magazines. 

Overall, the SPIKA door organizer is a great door organizer that isn’t too expensive but can help you maximize your storage by utilizing the back of your door for your firearms.

Stealth MOLLE Door Organizer

The Stealth Molle door organizer is very similar to the SPIKA but has a lot more storage pockets. Something that they’ve considered is the convenience and usability. Although it does require a few more steps to install, it is a lot more secure once installed. Along with that, the Stealth Molle is completely adjustable, so it can be customized to your preference. 

As ever, the door organizer has 6 large pistol holders, a large pocket at the bottom, a medium-sized pocket, a netting pocked and 2 triple magazine pockets. Along with that, any Molle compatible magazines will fit in this as normal so you can increase your size even more.

The cost of the Stealth Molle is a little more expensive than others on this list, but if you have Molle-compatible magazines/firearms, you can maximize your storage as these can just be added. Overall, the Stealth Molle is one that you can rely on to keep your storage to a maximum.

Liberty Safe 10584 18 Gun Safe Door Panel

This is a highly commended gun safe door organizer that is equipped with four fast draw holsters, which is commonly found in other door organizers. Something unique to this is the fitted ‘cool pocket’. Even though your safe may be fireproof, the cool pocket is simply a pocket which is specifically fireproof, should a fire break through your safe. This doesn’t have a limitation with firearms, and is also well recommended for documentation should you wish to utilize the space on the back of the door in your safe. 

Something that we had noticed was the elastic band’s storage for your extra magazines. Most safe door organizer companies will often have physical pockets for extra magazines, whereas the Liberty Safe 10584 does not, it simply has elastic bands which gives a somewhat cheap feeling to the somewhat expensive safe door organizer. 

Installation of the Liberty Safe 10584 is one of the easiest in this list, by simply attaching two hooks at either side of the door and hanging the organizer, you can tighten it up and have it almost like it’s glued to the door, and this can all be done within a matter of minutes. 

The Liberty Safe 10584 has 4 relatively large handgun pockets, three tactical or ammunition slots as well as the cool pocket. Although this may not seem enough, the pockets are very well sized and don’t cramp when you try to fill them a little too much. 

Overall, the Liberty Safe 10584 isn’t the most cost-effective door safe organizer on the market but does offer a quick and easy installation along with unique door pockets that will allow you to store important documents without the fear of losing them to a fire. 

The SnapSafe Door Organizer

A possible underdog on this list, SnapSafe, has created a door organizer that doesn’t come in feeling. The SnapSafe door organizer is a metal-based snap-on door organizer that can hang a large range of firearms. With this being said, the SnapSafe door organizer has 6 handgun baskets that can be used to store handguns, small ammunition pouches or magazines or even documents should you wish to use this for that kind of valuables. 

Installation of the SnapSafe door organizer is very simple as many in this list with the whole processing taking less than 10 minutes. Something that SnapSafe has thought about is the needs of its customers, so they had included the wire baskets to be a little bit more flexible, to avoid for cramming in firearms, ammunition or other valuables. If you’re worried about the metal touching the safe door and possibly scratching the inside, don’t worry - SnapSafe has included a thick rubber coating on the door organizer so it can’t scratch your door or valuables. 

The only downside to the SnapSafe organizer is that it doesn’t come with any mounting hardware. With that being said, you can buy a kit with it but does cause a little bit of inconvenience once you buy the organizer, but can’t utilize it.

Overall, the SnapSafe door organizer is a very cost-effective, but great quality door organizer for people with small to medium-sized safes that want to store smaller items without using the main internals of the safe. 

American Security Model 19 Premium Door Organizer

The American Security is one of the best door organizers for the larger scale gun safes. The amount of pockets that this door organizer has is incredible, and you can ensure that you won’t run out of pockets for ammunition easily. To put it into view, the Model 19 has four large pistol holsters that allow your firearms to be easily accessible, with the option to purchase more should you need more firearm slots. As mentioned above, it has 22 ammunition pockets, which allow you to put magazines in each pocket, should you have different ranges or caliber rounds that are again, easily accessible. 

Although not commonly used, there is the ability to store up to two rifles in the door holder, although things can get a little cramped and there is no guarantee that they won’t interfere with other pockets, so this isn’t recommended unless you would only use this for rifles and a few magazine holders. 

Installation of the Model 19 is a little more tricky as it’s a large door organizer for larger safes. With this being said, American Security has made this a lot easier to do by including all necessary and common fittings to fit most safes, to ensure that you can receive the door organizer and use it straight away should you want to. When you receive the Model 19, you might not be able to fit it as securely as you would most likely won’t, but this isn’t an uncommon thing. American Security has picked up on this and has added the ‘extensions’ set which allows for a strap to go from the top to the bottom of your safe, should it not reach, but unfortunately these are added extras that have to be bought. 

If you’re left-handed, this might not be the door organizer for you. Unfortunately, the handgun pockets are non-reversible unlike others in this list, meaning you will have to adapt to pick up the weapon/handgun in your right hand before picking it up with your left. At the moment, American Security doesn’t plan to implement any changes to resolve this. 

Overall, the American Security Model 19 is a great safe door organizer for people who want to use all the space on the back of the safe door. Although it can be inconvenient for left-handed users, the overall benefits of the Model 19 are great, and shouldn’t be overlooked when trying to buy a door organizer. 

Honorable Mentions

Safety Storage Handgun Hangers

Although this may not be a door organizer, this is something to consider if you have handguns or small firearms. This usually hangs on a shelf, which is individualized for however many handguns and conserves a lot of space if you don’t have much to start within the first place.

This is a very cost-effective method to save space in your gun safe and is very easy to come across. This is something you should take a look into to ensure that you’re using the space in your safe correctly.

What are the benefits of gun safe organizers?

If you’ve purchased a safe that has suggested you can fit 18 or 24 firearms in it, you’ve probably been lied to by the manufacturer. These figures are over-estimated to make the safe seem better than it is. Although you could legitimately fit 24 firearms in it, this wouldn’t be practical. Some safe manufacturers include gun safe organizers, but if not here are some benefits on why you might want to consider one.

1. The added storage.

A lot of the time, extra magazines, ammunition or just accessories for your firearms can take a whole host of shelf space and can even take up more room than the firearms themselves. Door organizers commonly come with extra pockets for magazines, accessories, and ammunition to store on the door, rather than using your internal safe space which you should reserve for your firearms.

2. You can store the most frequently used items for an easier reach.

If you are in and out of your gun safe quite frequently, you may want to consider a door organizer to make your life just a little bit easier. Most door organizers don’t hold any firearms in with straps on barriers but rather just a pocket or wedge. This means if you need quick access to the firearms, or you want to make it easier for you to get to them then this can be a great help to you.

3. Ease of installation and adjustability.

Something that a few people realize is installing the door organizers is incredibly easy, and in some cases is just a case of sticking a small pad on the back of the door and letting the door organizer roll down. Even the large scale door organizer such as the American Security Model 19, you just need to screw in two clips, add the door organizer and then let gravity do the rest. This is super easy to install and will take you less than 10 minutes with the right tools, such as a drill and a step ladder (if you’ve got a big safe).

Not only that, but a lot of door organizers are customizable, meaning that if you don’t want a certain pocket, you don’t have too! You can just remove it and be on with your day, or if you want more, you can simply add more - it’s super simple to do, as long as the door organizer supports it, so make sure to check this should you want it. 

4. The pouches that are made for handguns, will fit most handguns.

Unless you’ve got a very large handgun with certain attachments, most of the organizers will fit them in without any issues. All of the safe door organizers above have extra-large pockets to ensure this.  


Overall, if you’re wanting a little bit more storage in your gun safe, then a door organizer may be the way to go. You may be able to play around with the shelves in your safe, but your true capacity without an organizer will always be the same, so investing a little bit of money into an organizer is a great idea.

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